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It's your comments and involvement in the blog that keeps me going, striving to make the blog as good as it can be. Wether it is words of praise, suggestions or just to say 'Hi' I truly appreciate all your comments and each and everyone are special to me. I find the blogging world can be completely overwhelming at times and often I wonder if commenting on some of the larger blogs get read at all... But I would like to say I read every single comment I receive and appreciate the amazing support you all show. Below are a few of my treasured comments, please check out their wonderful blogs too!   

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"Great blog and so useful" Chelsea-Anne Gell 

"Hello, I was searching for Patrick Cox handbags and came up with your blog  I just wanted you to know that it made for very interesting reading!  Found this pic of one of the bags that you had on your blog!  I like and I want!!!!" 
- Katherine

via Twitter
Have a look at what lovely things @Zara_K has to say about #WarmPixie !!"

"Can't believe we have only just found your blog, it's amazing! we work at a mag and our trend reports for AW seem to be on fur! Come follow TBAG if you fancy :) Enjoy the weekend, woop! x "

"...I also can't believe I just found your blog. Love it" - Katie

"Great post hun really informative" - Reena Rai of Fashion Daydreams 

In reply to "White the Slate Clean":

"Possibly; I suppose it would make sense. Whatever the reason, I absolutely loved all the white! Great post :- D "
P.S., I followed ; )

"What a brilliant post hun! Love all the shoe piccies. I'm sure the top pair are Marni though? I'm still so jel that you girls went backstage when I wasn't with you!! But then again I'm glad you did because I was searching for a close up of the Ashish runway shoes. My my they are as spectacular as I'd hoped :)"
- ELLE of Oh Elle 

"I LOVELOVE LOVELOVE LOVE this post!! What an amazing day it was! There are too many pictures of me! Was so nice to meet you.xxxxxxxxxxxx" - Sophie from  Trendspiration  

"Hey! I see that you like Ashish! That’s cool! (:
This is a great blog post about the brand!
Check out our blog, we do press for Ashish and some more brands i think you would love!
Updates about the brands daily :)
have a fantastic day!"
- Linda from W29 Showroom 

In Reply to "The 'D' Word": (inspirational words)
"Hang in there, sweetie. Don't be ashamed of being a dyslexic; it's not your fault. I learned I was a dyslexic when I was in my mid sixties. After a lifetime of thinking I was dumb, lazy and stupid, I now feel relieved. No longer do I punish myself. It's not me; it's something that was determined before I came into this world. It only means I have to work harder to accomplish what I do; I'm a writer. But then, that's something I've been doing all my life. I have no qualms about informing anyone that I'm a dyslexic. Being a dyslexic is like having a badge of honor. It says I'm not dumb, I'm not stupid, and I'm sure as heck not lazy. The people out there that think: dyslexia is a put on are the ones who are dumb. Tip: If my spell checker cannot come up with the word I'm trying to spell, I go to Google search and start typing it in. In most cases I find it there. Have a happy life."
- Ray Shoop, a proud dyslexic writer. 

Via email in Reply to "Girl Meets Dress": 
"Hi Zara,
 Thanks so much for your lovely blog post – I was just alerted to it by Google Alerts! Really much appreciated.
 By the way – LOVE the photo of the dresses in the trees – did you make it, where did you get it from? "
- Anna
Girl Meets Dress