About Moi

Well where do I start, I guess a usual intro is, My Name is Zara, (named due to my parents reaching the end of baby names book... and voilà!). Brought up in n leafy Berkshire, Reading to be more precise I embarked on a journey of discovery. I fell in love with fashion from a young age, designing sci-fi and western inspired collections which seemed to scarily be replicated in the following seasons. Completely in awe of the Great Gatsby and flapper era I continued to convey that drop waisted look in my own style. 
With the initial idea of becoming an olympic wining gymnast, quite literally falling on it's head, when I discovered I could not perform a simple hand stand therefore being ejected from the class, I turned my attention to the colorful pages of Elle magazine which would have me dreaming for hours on end. School often  showing a real discouragement from leading myself into the 'unknown' world of fashion only fueled my longing for success even further... After a foundation stint at LCF, it leads me up to where I am now...  

A Fashion Promotion student with an eye for style and a passion to indulge in my greatest love creativity or anything fashion related. I have an eclectic mix of interests:
Films: anything from Boys in the Hood to  Lovely Bones
Art:  Henry Macintosh to Liechtenstein
TV: Glee to Question Time
Music: Justin Timberlake through to the golden days of Curtis Mayfield
Hobbies: Card making to having a non-stop rave-out at a drum n bass night...
So hopefully that fills you in a little bit more and having a serious addiction to 44p cloudy lemonade, that has me bouncing off the walls, may possibly lead me to being able to do that hand-stand after all... as they say anything is possible!