Elise Augustin
Fashion Imaging as communication student

1. How would you describe your style? What are you wearing today? How has your style evolved from say 3 years ago?

I would describe my style to be eclectic... a bit of everything- vintage, with some funkier colours... like switching things up a lot and changing my style to suit whatever I'm doing at the time... currently I am in my pj's but today I was wearing a polka dot playsuit which was from the 'buy it now' section in Topshop- (my fav section in the store!!)
My style has evolved greatly!!! As I saiid earlier it changes depending on my situation- changing from high school to college to uni and meeting new people, being in new surroundings has made my style change- i think it's always going to be changing!

2. Where do usually shop for clothes? Favourite Place/ Store/ website?

I usually shop for stores in a mixture of high st and vintage stores- Topshop, (Mostly buy it now section) Asos, Urban Outfitters, H&M (sometimes but too many people buy from there and everyone ends up looking like clones of each other!), then theres Beyond Retro, Absolute Vintage, Spitalfields, Camden, East St Market, Portobello, Markets in Paris, Oxfam.

3. If you can remember what is the most expensive piece of clothing you have brought? Or more treasured item?

My most treasure item... a ring my Grandma bought me from Past Times

4. What will you be wearing next season? Or believe is going to be a big trend?

NExt season... it will probably still be cold here in England so I'll still be wearing warm clothes- cardi's (etc) but will switch it up by swapping blacks and greys for nude colours which I am really into!

5. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Hobbies?

5.Hobbies: Photographing, filming, drawings, picninicing!, strolling, going to the gym, swimming, dancing, socialising.

6. What is your Favourite?

6.Film... I have so many- White Christmas, The notebook, Pearl Harbour, A beautiful mind, Any Stan Brakhage film
book: The secret
Magazine: TOO MANY!
MusicBlues, Soul, some R&B, Folk,Jazz.

7. Any tips, quotes or advice you believe in or live by?

7. Wise words... Believe in love at first sight.
Talk slowly but think quickly.
Spend some time alone.
Be open-minded, open your heart but be quick to close it when something goes wrong!

 Shopping habits: 
1. The main reasons why I go shopping is to find something that I'm looking for, sometimes to cheer myself up and to add something new and special to my wardrobe.

2.I go shopping about once a month... not as often as I want though as sometimes I have to buy pressies for other people and so prioritise those as well as bills!! I do love shopping online- i love the exclusivity of online stores and love the whole experience... finding something purchasing and then the package arriving!!

3.My favourite days to shops are Sundays, and days in the week like Tuesday and Wednesday? These days are quiet as I prefer shopping in peace rather than having to clamber over so many people.

4. I actually don't mind shopping on my own, but occasionally do like going with one other friend- I'm not keen on group shopping! I do also like going with my boyfriend but hate that he gets bored after a while!

5. When shopping I dress casually but not too casual... making sure I still look stylish!! I don't like to try things on as I am completely aware of what does and doesn't suit my body and so just shop for my shape and style so don't really consider wearing 'comfy' clothes that I can easily take off!! 
If parking my car I leave my coat in the boot as I hate having to carry things around with me other than my bag!
When I am older I would love to be shopping in heels all the time!!

6.I only ever write a list for things like xmas pressies or when shopping for a purpose like uni equipment! When shopping online I often check 'hot uk deals' before purchasing just to see if I can grab any vouchers or promotion codes.

7. I love shopping in a clean, warm shop that is not too busy. I cannot handle TK MAxx as it just always seems so messy!! but can't resist a bargain at the same time!
I like shopping in stores that are of good quality but reasonably priced!

Elise an incredibly talented artist/ illustrator/ film-maker, you name it she does it, Why not check her out and  follow her on Twitte


Name: Reena Rai
Age: 25
Occupation: Online Marketing executive

Reena Quoted on her blog about this particular photo:  

I was browsing the Fashion Scout blog, and! I think this was taken while I was waiting outside for the Bryce D'anice Aime show to start. The photo evoked 2 emotions:

1. Happiness - Fond memories of LFW in Sept
2. Regret - I kind of miss my long hair now!

Dress - Primark!
Tights - ASOS
Shoes - New Look
Belt - Topshop
Can't say where all the jewellery is from, I was wearing a lot of it!

1. How would you describe your style? What are you wearing today? How has your style evolved from say 3 years ago?

My style is pretty eclectic. One day I'll be wearing all black with some killer heels, the next I'll be in a pretty dress. Today, I was at work so the outfit was pretty boring. Stripy H&M tee, black high waisted Zara skirt, black tights and black shoe boots. I still shop at the same places as 3 years ago, but my look is a lot more grown up now, it's evolved as lot since my student days!

2. Where do usually shop for clothes? Favourite Place/ Store/ website?

I don't have a favourite shop to be honest, I'm a real high street girl. I love the likes of Miss Selfridge, H&M, Zara, New Look

3. If you can remember what is the most expensive piece of clothing you have brought? Or more treasured item? 

My favourite item is a faux fur shaggy faux fur jacket from Zara! It's a bit of a diva jacket

4. What will you be wearing next season? Or believe is going to be a big trend?

Underwear as outerwear! Very sheer things, bralets, lace, lots of pale colours - dove greys, creams, biscuity colours, pinks, sky blue

5. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Hobbies?

Blogging! Movies, hanging out with friends, eating

6. What is your Favourite?
film: Way too many to mention, I love old films and Japanese/Korean horror
music: Anything, but at the moment old school hiphop
book / magazine / newspaper: Elle, Harpers, Vogue, Nylon

7. Any tips, quotes or advice you believe in or live by?

Life's too short to worry, just do what feels right at the time. Don't have any regrets. Smile everyday 

Reena not only beautiful she is a talented blogger also proving that you can have brains as well as beauty! Her Blog Fashion Daydreams is amazing and is definitely one of my firm favourites!


This image is from my vintage boutiques Spring / Summer 09 photoshoot. It represents myself (I am indeed the blonde on the right!) and my love for vintage, treasuring the past and my shopping habits embracing a more eco friendly way of buying clothes second hand. It also represents my favourite 'style' of bohemian dressing, long flowing fabrics, bare foot, outdoors!!

Name: Nicki Grainger

Age: 25
Occupation: Web editor and Vintage boutique owner

1. How would you describe your style? What are you wearing today? How has your style evolved from say 3 years ago?

I would describe my style as boho meets baby doll!! I love my vintage so tend to accessorise with alot from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Today for work I wore black wide fitted trousers, a leopard print vintage blouse, long gold pendant chain and black heels. Though when I get throught the front door i revert to leggings, mens shirts and oversized jumpers!
My style has evolved in the sense that I dress for my age a little more now!! longer length dresses and skirts and I'm more confident to try different styles of clothing.

2. Where do usually shop for clothes? Favourite Place/ Store/ website?,

For the high street I do like Topshop - though often I fear I will a little 'factory' produced as so many fashionistas shop there too! I like the Oxford circus branch as its the only place you can really combine a unique ensemble i feel! I sometimes dip into, Mango and Zara - and have recently swayed more towards charity shops, flea markets and ebay for more one off individual items. I also love Camden market for a shopping spree.

3. If you can remember what is the most expensive piece of clothing you have brought? Or more treasured item? 

Honestly - i don't think I have ever spent more than £60 on a dress - which was a navy blue silk dress to wear to the Elton John show in Las Vegas! I'm terrible - I would rather buy more items for less cost than staple items for more cost! My most treasured item is probably my beaten up vintage YSL tan brown bag that I have had forever - it has been with me to Italy, USA, Festivals, parties....lots of memories with that bag!!

4. What will you be wearing next season? Or believe is going to be a big trend?

Well I try not to follow 'seasons' too closely, but allow myself to be inspired by trends instead. Otherwise, you end up with a closet full of shoulder pads and bum bags that only suit the current moment, and just look plain bizarre in two months time!! I'm quite a girly girl so will be wearing lots of sheer layers, big bows, Parisian looking Gossip girls style colours like nudes, pinks, lemons - icing sugar tones! Yes, I want to look like a french cupcake! I think it will be welcomed after the more harsh 80's glam look that has dominated recently.

5. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Hobbies?

I spend alot of time travelling and sourcing vintage for my online boutique. I love antiques and flea markets, and enjoy going to the cinema, theatre and dining out. My hobbies include taking photographs, painting, exploring new towns and cities and writing.

6. What is your Favourite?

film:I love highly visual films like The Moulin Rouge, Sin City, Chicago,  biographies like Walk the line and Factory girl and soppy romances like The Notebook.
music: I like a total mixture!! I love sickly pop (GaGa, Lily Allen , Katy Perry e.t.c) Soft Rock (The Script, Vertical Horizon, Counting Crows) and women like Sheryl Crow, Sarah McGlachlan and Nerina Pallot.
book / magazine / newspaper: I read mags which include Elle, LOOK, glamour, Vogue and Cosmo, a few local Artsy publications and always buy odd looking dusty old books from charity shops which are usually about Marilyn Monroe, fashion illustrations, love or women who are empowered!

7. Any tips, quotes or advice you believe in or live by?

It's been said before many times, many ways - but I have found when it comes to both my style and my life that you have GOT to be yourself. Its taken me a long time to reach a point where I truly feel Im happiest in my own skin and to hell with what other people think.Whether it's donning an 'out there' dress, crazy make up - or even the men you choose to be with, if they dont adore you for being you, then they don't deserve to be in your life. fact!

On average, how often do you go clothes shopping? and would this be physically to stores or online?

I used to go physically shopping once a week (bad habit left over from uni!) but now go physically shopping once or twice a month now instead. I shop online (ebay e.t.c) probably once a month too.

Do you enjoy clothes shopping?

Yes I love it!! The whole experience of shopping is what I love, not just what I have in my shopping bag at the end of the day. I love shop front displays, the music, the shop layouts, feeling the fabrics and trying on different things that I might not normally wear.
The only thing I hate about shopping is changing rooms - I’m super fussy and they stress me out!! I hate it when you have bad changing room assistants, when they are boiling hot, poorly lit, messy, when people let their kids pull back your curtain when you're half naked (!!) and boutiques that don't have mirrors inside your cubicle. Phew - rant over!

Do you set a day or time aside purely just for a shopping trip? Is there a specific time or day you prefer to shop?

If I had my way I would shop during the week when it is quieter, but work means I have to go on dreaded saturdays! I often have at least one weekend in mind to go shopping though. I used to enjoy late night shopping too.

What would be your main reason for going shopping?

Below are a few suggestions please choose all that apply or add your own thoughts,

When I try to shop for something specific it never works!! So I buy as i see and store things up for special occassions. I mainly go to update my wardrobe - whether its to suit the current seasons weather or to add to my work wardrobe.

Who do you usually go shopping with? Or prefer to go with?

I actually don't like shopping with anyone!! I like to take my time, feel no pressure and wander round slowly. I dont mind helping my girlfriends find things for them, but if its for me I prefer going solo!

This may sound strange but do you, prepare beforehand for a shopping trip?

Do you consider what to wear?

i.e Dress smart?  Especially if going to higher end or luxury stores?
Wear clothes that are easy to get on and off for when trying items on?
Wear layers for changing temperatures and weather?
Ensure you are wearing socks if intent on buying shoes?

I never tend to dress smart when I shop- as I dont shop in high end stores - im more scruffy and I suppose sometimes I feel i want to look funky if going to a trendy area of London for example, but mostly I just like to be comfortable. Clothes that are easy to take off, and comfy shoes are a must.

Do you plan your trip?

Write a shopping or wish list?
Print off web pages of items you like to seek them out?
Look for vouchers or money off coupons?
Make a route of what shops to go to first and last?
Take a shopper to avoid using plastic bags?

I usually take a giant pink polka dot shopper with me folded up in my bag, and always take a bottle of water. I make lists for other shopping - but not clothes, just food, stationery, presents e.t.c

What would attract you, or put you off from a certain store?
Ques? High Prices? Value for money? Loyalty points? Interesting window display? Helpful assistances? Well laid out? Tidy? Mess? Too much choice? Too little choice?  Bright lighting? Heating to high/ low?  Other?

Really busy shops put me off, Im happy to queue as long as its purely because of high volumes of people, not because tills are understaffed or staff are being dippy!! I also hate bad lighting in stores (i'm a lighting freak) and am really put off my young girls in stores who lack customer service and talk loudly as they work about their weekends/boyfriends/salary!
I'm attracted to stores which are great window displays, well dressed, polite staff, awesome changing rooms (see earlier rant!!) and good music helps.

Nicki is absolutely fantastic, I really appreciated her willingness to help me out and take the time to do this questionnaire. Her vintage clothing boutique The Cherry Closet is to die for, already have my firm eye on the bohemian tan clutch. I have also been a long term follower of her sweetly named The Cherry Blog with post upon post of inspiring imagery. 

Arabella- founder of

Name: Arabella Gubay
Age: 25
Occupation: Freelance writer and founder of
Hometown: have lived in Shoreditch, East London for the last five years

1. How would you describe your style? What are you wearing today?
Firstly: eclectic. I love vintage but am not a purist so am happy to wear a sixties silk jacket with a Breton stripe top, some cigarette pants and a seventies gold-tone pendant or one of my Nana’s old YSL pencil skirts with an American Apparel t-shirt and a Vanessa Bruno wrap around coat.

That said, I am a fabric purist and avoid anything synthetic like the plague. I believe in buying the very best fabrics you can afford - silk, cashmere, wool, cotton - as they wear better, feel nicer, and look more expensive.

Today I wore a deep purple merino wool sweater dress from Uniqlo, a wool/cashmere coat by Vanessa Bruno, 60 denier opaques, some patent leather Topshop ballet pumps, a black tote with gold hardware by NYC designer Aleya and some vintage wayfarer style sunglasses by Linda Farrow.

2. Where do usually shop for clothes? Favourite Place/ Store?
Portobello Market, Blondie, Absolute Vintage and The Vintage Fashion Fair for vintage; on the high street, Cos, Topshop and Uniqlo; and in the rare instance that I buy designer, Vanessa Bruno, Dries Van Noten or the great dame herself, Vivienne Westwood.
3. What will you be wearing next season? Or believe is going to be a big trend?
I usually try to avoid trends, as I prefer classic pieces that don’t date so will be investing in good basics - silk jersey tees, well cut jeans, a good black blazer, beautiful leather sandals - and mixing these up with vintage accessories.
Right now I’m on the lookout for the perfect solid silver Victorian cuff and some Victorian gold pendant earrings as well as an embroidered Art Deco silk jacket. But then, I’ve been looking for one of those for years…

4. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Hobbies?
Photographing, writing and scouring car boot sales for antiques. I’m just about to move house and am finding myself drawn to interiors, trying to reconcile my slightly eclectic taste with the practicalities of decorating a home.
I’m also trying to find a way to mix vintage/antique pieces - interiors wise - with modern items like I do in the way I dress. I don’t know why but I find this fascinating. I suppose I’m a bit of a bricoleur!

5. What is your Favourite film?
Fashion wise? Breakfast at Tiffany’s - just beautiful!
6. What is your Favourite music?
Ooh, tricky. I’m totally indiscriminate when it comes to music. Bjork, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Cat Power, the usual suspects I suppose. And I love pop music, you can’t beat a bit of Girls Aloud or Justin Timberlake at the gym!
7. Any tips, quotes or advice you believe in or live by?
Be yourself and be nice. I think that about sums it up. is an online vintage boutique which puts an end to early mornings spent scouring markets for exquisite vintage accessories and brings beautifully edited collection of love-worn pieces quite literally to your fingertips. Go check it out!


Here is the blog post from the sassy minx- check out there Über glamourous retro site
I am doing star-jumps of joy (in my undies, natch) as I scored a li’l face time with the queen of faux vintage lingerie and hoisery, Miss Katie Halford, the tres fabu lady behind What Katie Did.
Not only is the prettilicious What Katie Did collection available online,, it can be purchased at their flagship boutique in the heart of London’s Portobello Road – damn, it’s a pretty shop! It’s like a really old fashioned corsetorium where you’ll be fitted correctly and advised by knowledgeable staff – if, like us, you’re totes retro-hearted and love, love, love pretty lingerie go visit – tell ‘em Sassy Minx sent you!
Describe the lady behind the label in 5 words?
determined, stubborn, fair, glamorous, reserved

What is it you do exactly, Katie?
I’m the designer for What Katie Did lingerie but as we’re a small company that covers lots of areas from paying the wages to keeping the website up to date. People don’t realise exactly how small we are as we’re always getting cv’s from people wanting to work in our ‘press department’ or as part of our ‘design team’. 50% of the job is quite mundane and boring (when we get bigger I’ll get someone else to do the boring stuff!) and there never seems to be enough time to focus on the ‘fun’ elements – but I guess that applies to most jobs.
Away from work I have a 4 year old daughter and live with my boyfriend Richard (who also works for What Katie Did). As well as being into vintage fashion we’re also into vintage decor and cars.

When did you discover you had an awesome talent for designing bee-you-tiful things?
I became a designer out of necessity. We started by retailing other labels and when a couple of them closed and I couldn’t find alternatives then I didn’t have much choice! To begin with our designs were simply re-creations of vintage pieces and we spent a few years working on a good range of basics. It’s only in the last couple of years that I’ve had the opportunity to design new items from scratch. It’s been a steep learning curve and often the most difficult thing is explaining the image in my head!
What’s your most favourite thing that you’ve created?
My favourite item for the last 6 months is the Harlow underwired bra. It’s not the showiest of our products, but it is the one I wear most often. It’s made from a sheer peach tulle so combines innocence with sauciness which is always a good combination! Funnily enough, my favourite thing isn’t actually wearing it, but watching it dry hanging up by the window as it’s perfectly finished both inside and out whilst being nearly transaparent so it looks beautiful hanging where light can catch it.

Can you share a li’l bit about your creative process please, Katie?

I don’t have a specific design time so as soon as a collection is complete then I start looking for inspiration for the next one. Inspiration might come from books and magazines, fashion exhibitions or films, both vintage and modern. Quite often one of our factories will come up with a swatch of fabric or an idea that starts the ball rolling.
A month or so down the line I’ll have a vague idea in my head what I’d like to do. It’s then that I have to think about fabrics, trims and costings. At What Katie Did we try to keep things affordable whilst ensuring that our products are made ethically so often we have to compromise on a fabric or trim.
It’s often only at the end, once everything’s been photographed when I look back and realise where the inspiration came from (an example is this year’s Showgirl corset range which was influenced by Sophia Coppola’s imagery in her Marie Antoinette film).

What do you love about being a woman in the world?

I love being able to have it all (although it is bloody hard work!) Women’s lives have changed unrecognisably over the last 100 years and there are still areas that women are under-represented I really feel that it is up to women themselves to take control of their lives and careers.

What’s your secret to success?
Hard work and determination. I’m a good all-rounder but not particularly talented in any area which is good for running a small business. Often fashion businesses have a super talented designer who has no business-sense at all and although I always used to admire such people I’ve watched them come and go so am happy being normal!
Who are your style icons and inspir-o girls?
Vintage style inspirations include Louise Brooks, Bettie Page, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe & Bridget Bardot. Modern day inspirations include Madonna (both her style and her business sense), Lady Gaga and Dita Von Teese. For fashion inspiration I’m pretty obsessed with the Christian Dior Decade (1947 to 1957).

What are your five-must have life items?
red lipstick, red wine, a good book, family and love.

Who and what makes you jump in the air happy?
The simplest things, driving on a summer’s day in an open top car, heavy frost on a winter’s morning. It’s normally something to do with nature, and a feeling that springs on you unexpectedly.

What’s your motto for life?

Just do it! People always seem to be waiting for the right moment – but there is never a right moment.

The WKDN Sassy List…What’s your favourite:

Website/blog: as your friends point you to anything interesting
Book: Pretty Things by Liz Goldwyn
Must-have beauty item: Besame lipstick in Besame red
Movie: Some Like It Hot

Shop: Liberty of London
City: London
Hangout: my back garden on Sunday afternoons

What does the term Sassy Minx mean to you, Miss Katy?

Sassy Minx describes me and my team (13 girls and only 1 boy) perfectly. Modern women who live their lives to the full and aren’t scared of taking chances.