A Beautiful Masterpiece- The Painted Lady

Has the glamour gone out of your mundane trips the clinical and less than atmospheric generic hair establishments. The awfully unflattering fluorescent lightening, making you question yourself why you ever leave the house ever. Not to mention the less than enthusiastic stylist who is more interested in finishing you off quickly getting you out the door just so she go and tender to her nicotine fix. 

Well thats why I am ever so grateful that I have come across, The Painted Lady, down Shoreditch way it injects all the by-gone charm and restores the old hospitality factor which thankfully this salon is preserving.   

When you walk through the door not only are you greeted with a fantastic red lipped smile you are also able to book in at the most beautiful of reception desks (actually it is an authentic nautical design cocktail bar). Stepping in of the streets you slowly begin to forget than you are actually in the year of 2010 as you drift away with the sumptuous retro interior, mentally placing the vintage eclectic pieces into your own home (well wishing anyways). 

Belinda, (the owner/salon director) and her overwhelmingly talented team, infuse the place with such presence and joy. They are the connoisseurs of vintage and contemporary styling alike, wether you fancy just a trim on your bob or Veronica Lake style enchanting waves, you will leave scouring the pavement for your red carpet that you will feel you ought to be walking on.    

It is this unique and personal experience you gain from a salon like this, an experience that is memorable, cherish-able and enjoyable which will ultimately have you promising yourself that you will never revert back to a modern and impersonal hairdressers ever again. 

Fancy trying out this beautiful salon yourself... well there is not a better time to do so. At the moment The Painted Lady is currently offering, for a limited time only, a special combined price for a gorgeous blow dry and manicure...... Perfect for a spruce and glam-up for any after work events. Just print off the voucher below and take it along to your booked appointment. 

65 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DJ
Tel: 0207 729 2154


My Boudoir

It's all been a bit hectic of late, been busy working here and there then I came down with flu for nearly 4days! (which was so frustrating not being able to do anything) and on top of that I am in the process of decorating my bedroom. 

It has taken me ages to decide and finally after two years it is actually happening, I will have proper furniture instead of the temporary bowing canvas bits I have at the moment....I cannot wait!

So above is a collection of imagery of how I was envisaging to decorate my room.  There are a few contradictions of style in the mix, I know, as I have been a little undeceive as I really want it all... but despite the touches of pink in my mood-board I have decided to go with a calmer duck egg blue/ eau de nil colour scheme. My ultimate dream was to have a four poster bed but unfortunately it just wouldn't work in the space and therefore I went with the next best thing, a Phoebe Bed & Mattress Set from Laura Ashley which is delicately feminine and chic  -  I am still determined however I will one day have a grand 4-poster - even if it is just for show! 
The all important decision making: Wallpaper & paint samples
I have decided on the Laura Ashley Duck Egg blue, which is already on the walls and looks quite nice and tranquil if I do say so myself and the Josette wallpaper (above fourth from right). The  Furniture is now all ordered, french chateau style,  Laura Ashley Provencale range which I think will all work well together. When It is finished I will be sure to post up some pictures for you to see. I have always been interested in Interior design and taking on my own project has been fun but also alot of hard work... Take a look at Jeni's amazing dream house for inspiration, it is exactly as I would picture my dream house too and I would love, love, love a window seat to daydream from... well maybe one day! What would your dream room or house look like?  

All images were solely intended for my own inspiration and I have aimed to specified sources where I can. 


As easy as 1 2 3...

After some quite lethal cocktails, (lethal due to the amount of leaf plant we were choking on) me and my friend, wandered up brick lane to the buzzing 123 store launch party.

Images courtesy of my friends iphone. 

Below is my piece (part 1 of two) on Volt Café so instead of me reciting myself here it is: 


Follow the path up Brick Lane, right the way to the top where you will be rewardingly greeted by the beautiful grade II listed corner building with the large 123 crafted into the brickwork. You cannot miss it… 123, Bethnal Green has been transformed into a new sustainable fashion concept store – 123!

A sanctuary for the ethical fashion elite, the store extends over three floors, with the winding wooden staircase descending up to the next retail level, the history of it all is literally etched into the grain of the building. It is this rich and diverse history which has allowed 123 to develop their own in-house design studio. Archive prints and fabrics have been re-awakened in a fresh and contemporary new offering. Each piece is London born and made, ethically produced and is more often than not a complete one-off, providing a uniquely crafted design, with no guilt factor attached.

Unconventional designer and king of customizing, NOKI has been granted a floor to showcase his NHS diffusion line, which is a 123 exclusive. NOKI has been producing his own brilliantly creative one-off pieces for over decade and was a founding member of the artistic Mecca East London has become.

Already revered for his unique approach to sustainable fashion design, Noki continues to develop and push his individual take on sustainable fashion.

East London through and through, the 123 collection reflects the exuberance of its surroundings; bright, young and hip. The bustling launch event said it all. The avant-garde crowd came out in full force to support this sustainable fashion venture, which appears to be on the road to becoming the best thing since sliced bread (sustainable sliced bread that is).

The One and only Judy Blame

Some of the party-goers 

Images courtsey of Cube PR by Morgan O'Donovan


Welcome to the wonderful world of Margiela

What can I say Somerset House has delivered yet again! Firstly with the intelligent and interactive ShowStudio installment (which brought online sensation to life)! To now an equally if yet a more  impressive and thouhtful exhibtion, Maison Martin Margiela '20' (which literally brings the embodiment of the brand to life). 

This new recognisied fashion and arts hub is continuing to trump the last and has continuingly impressed me with what it has to offer. If transforming itself into the home of LFW for the last few seasons is not enough the attractive location fills our needs inbetween our fashion week fixes with show stoppers like these. 

Maison Martin Margiela '20'.... I really do not even know where to start and I am sure I cannot justifiably do the content any justice by struggling to string sentences together to describe or even attempt to review this thought-provoking treasure trove. 

If the outside is anything to go by, with what I first thought of as 'poorly' trees all bandaged up, you get a sense that your now entering Margiela's world, no looking back (trust me your be in there for hours!) your now apart of it and one you will never want to leave. 

The curration of this retrospective display is the best I have ever seen, second to none. See I did warn that putting my thoughts into words in regards of this event may seem idiosyncratic. As I wandered round initially deciding I was going slowly mad scanning across the pages of the paper guide (make sure if you go to pick one up!) Looking up then looking back down and thinking no this is not a 'viscose dress of which the hemline has been lifted and stitched to the shoulder, slip dress with lace trim made of vintage slips'.... penny drops... of course this would not be chronological, this is an illusionist dream being showcased. Nothing is how it appears, as it seems or previously assumed... expect the unexpected!      

The space is transformed in the vision of Margiela via Bob Veherherst, a close acquaintance. All characteristics and brand ethos is projected into the space, detail from every corner to everywall to even the trompe l'oeil wall plug. 

I left riddled with guilt that had not previously invested enough intrerst into this remarkable fashion house, infused with incredible history and undeniably ground-breaking talent. Sure I knew of Margiela stand out member of the Antwerp 6 collective but I didn't really know Maison Martin Margiela as I do now, I feel well and truly introduced. 

If you have not already got the jist, I could not reccomend this exhibition more. I believe everyone should take an afternoon out and indulge in this beautiful universe, I take no responsiblity if you never want to return to the mundane world outside ever again. 

To find out more visit Somerset House online or have a look at more concise and professional run-down at Volt Cafe.


Looking to next summer - Desert island 'Williamson' style

Do not hold me to this as an accurate quote however while watching the BBC coverage of gorgeous millinery and fashions of Ladies Day at Ascot, Matthew Williamson was showing his current S/S collection on the catwalk. Fan of Willamson since very young attracted to his vibrant and sensuous work. It was interesting to hear him give an exclusive hint towards his next Spring Summer collection due to be shown this coming September (hopefully again London).

He described working on a collection with the notion of an island stranded girl, western style, stranded and weathered. The environment playing a part of the aesthetics on the clothing, sun bleached, distressed and disheveled.

It got my mind working over-time conjuring up various visions of what I could imagine the possible outcome being. I suppose we all have our individual interpretations, so I would be interested to here your initial ideas. However here are some editorials (some could be classed as being slightly vintage) of a mood that was conjured up in my own mind on immediately hearing his inspiration.