About The Hideaway

When I was a child I would escape to home-made dens or retreats, surrounding myself with all the things I loved and cherished…
Kind of like what this is… My hideaway.
When I started this blog during the summer of 2009 it was for the intention of posting up various uni projects as an online showcase however it has transformed slowly into a more personal place a digital diary or journal where I can express my thoughts and feelings and share with others what I find truly inspirational or interesting.  

The Idea behind the Hideaway 

My header image, The Dress / Lamp Tree 2002 by Tim Walker (who’s photography I adore) I feel fully represented my idea beind The the title ‘The Hideaway’. The name was developed from the idea that when I was young I used to make homemade dens and retreats at my Grans house which backs onto the woods, and I would surround myself with all the things I love hence the style hideaway!

The image reminds me of a possible installation you could possibly find orchestrated in the window of say Topshop flagship store. Tim walker has infact recently worked on collaboration with Peter Jensen and set designer Shona Heath at Dover street market.

Tim Walkers exhibition at the Design Museum hugely inspired me and my way of working. I loved his sketchbooks and his free approach, finding inspiration in absolutely everything. It is one of my all time favourite exhibitions and I purchased the book, Pictures, which is just beautiful.

The image is girly and bright and the way the clothes are on hangers reminds me of how my room is with my clothes hung up all around me for endless inspiration.

Tim Walkers inspirational sketchbook pages