Gwan is a fresh new fashion Zine produced by talent photography/ styling duo, Sophie Sabados and Lauren Brown. Gwan is like no other think the youth representation of Skins but fused with the vision of Noel Clark...

Gwan can be defined as a congratulatory term, an expression used by young people to show encouragement, admiration and approval for one another. It is an attitude. An approach to life and style that can’t go unnoticed.

Gwan is a pictorial zine that focuses  on the spectacle of today’s youth in all its glory. While others follow we make up our own rules, finding inspiration in the vibrancy and energy of city living youth. We don’t allude to high fashion, instead  embracing  spontanaeity, experimentation and doing  everything to the max.

Behind the Gwan zine is two girls who have grown up in and around London during the nineties and noughties. We have drawn on our own experiences in the making of Gwan, leading us to recollect and take a look back at what made us who we are… Now we invite you to do the same!

Sophia Sabados & Lauren Brown
The talented ladies behind this project Sophia & Lauren (left), have as they rightly should, attracted a huge amount of interest and intrigue in their large print photography zine. Business cards emptied out features on Vice and Volt Cafe, shortlisted for Lifetime IT Media & Design Award at Graduate Fashion Week... and winning it! For this unstoppable duo this is surely only the start in their illustrious creative careers... 

The girls picked up their award at the London Graduate Fashion Week final Gala show: 

"It's a great feeling to know that the blood, swear and tears that we put into this project has been been recognised by some of the top people in the fashion industry - It makes it all worth it" - Lauren Brown

"Gwan actually looks like it was put together by women with brains, who recognize the 21st century for the fun ride it is. It's a hurricane of fresh air." - Vice


Highlighting some of UCA Epsom's finest talent is my ultimate pleasure... blown away by the ridiculously high standard of FPI's recent graduates I am proud to be apart of such a great alumni.

Elise Augustin is one particular student who has shone throughout the degree for her passion and determination in everything she has set her mind to. Being on the parallel pathway of imaging it is always very exciting to explore what artistic projects the imaging students have been working on.

Elise Final Major Project was developed with giving graduates like ourselves in mind, providing them with a physical a virtual platform to showcase their work. Tactile Technology space operates as a counlunstancy studio; where creatives can work and express their ideas.    

"Tactile Technology demonstrates a new dimension in fashion space utilising the skills of model making, set design, film, photography and new media design solutions, we aim to showcase and cultivate the creativity from different disciplines." 


Graduate Fashion Week: Set-Up Saturday

I was over-the-moon and admittedly slightly shocked upon seeing my name on the selected students list for Graduate Fashion Week this year.... I could not actually believe my work had been selected to be showcased at GFW.  I have been attending GFW for years and never imagined actually being one of the exhibiting students it is an amazing platform for any graduate... and being selected for one of the prestigious marketing awards is even more exciting. 

After a long day of exhibition stand set-up, which did not go without its challenges... I just wanted to share with you some of my phone snaps from the day. I am hoping to cover GFW as much as possible and will aim to post my daily insights. 

Graduate Fashion Week 2011 5th- 8th June 

Public Admission Day is Sunday 5th June. Tickets cost around  £5.00 and can be purchased at the door.
Earls Court 2 Exhibition Centre, Warwick Road, Hammersmith, London SW5 9TA 


Reading Vintage Fair Once Again...

As always I headed on down the Reading vintage Fashion Fair (on the last Sunday of every month)... suffice to say I unfortunately had a little camera problems... unfortunately leading to the lack of photos this time to share. My battery depleted completely on me and my back up camera, I had sort of forgot to put the memory card back in... oops! and my phone well of course like all iphones the battery on that also lasted all of 5 seconds.  

So due to my photography technicality issues I am afraid I am unable to bring as many images to you at this time... However please  do have a look at what I managed to take through all the difficulties. 

All the usual stall holders were there such as Ali from Frock&Roll, Victoriah & Nat from Out-of-Time-vintage Georgina of Georgina's Vintage,  and the lovely Debbie... However there were also some great new stall additions to the fair with even more vintage wonders to lust after. 

With exciting news and more events to come in the following months by Vintagenie including a vintage village at South Hill Park for the Park Life festival on 9th July but also a pop-up vintage fair at Forbury Gardens, Reading on 16th/17th July for the Outside:Inside Festival. I will be sure to keep you informed of all the details and will hopefully be working alongside Vintagenie to bring you exclusive news and pics. 

Don't forget to visit the next Reading Vintage Fair on 26th June... this time I will ensure my cameras are all fully operational... see you there!    

My only purchase this time round was some beautiful cupcakes from the ever glorious White Rabbit Bakery... no word of a lie, the best cupcakes I have even had, truly delicious! 

Oh and again I must give props to my lovely friend Kate who lovingly made this beautiful shopper for me for a leaving present from work. Sadly my time at What Katie Did has recently come to an end, It was an enjoyable few years and I will miss the WKD team! But how can I be sad with such a lovely gift!

P.S be sure to follow my crafty friend Kate Zak on twitter!