Like stars you will shine above,
Forever eternal and true,
Your spirits live on in the hearts of loved ones,
Every memory cherished too.


Exit Through The Gift Shop

An ingenious title by an ingenious artist. I am actually so excited by this and the trailer has just wet my appetite for more, giggling at the little captions that were popping up I can see this film as being a must see for 2010! 

Prolific street artist Banksy is to debut the film this month at the Sundance Film Festival, although was originally set to be part of secret schedule speculation rose after Banksy himslef left a few little images on the walls in Park City where the festival is due to be held. 
Banksy has said to explain his debut as “The story of how one man set out to film the un-filmable. And failed.” As always you can only expect the out of ordinary and the plot sounds as intriguing as the artist himself. Banksy’s publicist told the guardian, “It’s a film about a man who tried to make a film about me. Everything in it is true, especially the bits where we all lie.” Although it is unlikely to reveal any substance to the person behind the pseudo the combination of director Thierry Guetta (also a street artist, aka Mr. Brainwash) and Banksy is sure to be an alluring one,  most probably tantalising the audience throughout with the prospect of subtle clues. 
Bizarrely Rhys Ifans narrates the 85 minute film, which John Cooper (Director of the Sundance Festival) describes as "one of those films that comes along once in a great while, a warped hybrid of reality and self -induced fiction while at the same time a totally entertaining experience. The story is so bizarre I began to question if it could even be real… but in the end I didn’t care. I feel bad I won’t be able to shake the filmmaker’s hand and tell him how much I love this film. I think I will shake everyone’s hand that day and hope I hit on Banksy somewhere. I love his work in all forms." 

Exit Through The Gift Shop will have its world premiere at the festival on Sunday as the Sundance Spotlight Surprise and will subsequently be released in UK cinemas on 5 March.


1xtra Presents... Alicia Keys: 'Hear it for London!'

WOW! what can I say, Alicia Keys was truly amazing still can't believe I was one of the lucky few to win tickets. Here me Live on Twin B's 1xtra show nervously giggling throughout: 

I have been a fan of Alicia Keys since I can remember so it was a dream come true last night when I attended the exclusive 1xtra Presents at the legendary  BBC Maida Vale studios. Arrived so early that we had to walk the block for a few minutes, excitement was building and I really did not know what to expect. When we entered the studio I realised how personal it was going to be with only a few hundred attendees many famous 1xtra/ radio 1 DJ's, Press and of course us lucky competition winners. 

unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photos or film while she was performing, so only got a few...

When Alicia came out it felt so surreal, she was so close and you often felt that she would give you a personal smile. Her set was amazing she did about 10-12 songs that blew the audience away. 

 Alicia doing her thing- image via Punch Bowl Blog 

I couldn't possibly tell you which was my favourite song as to me they were all so incredible but I would say that Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) and Empire state of mind (part II) which she broke down to different levels, they were definite stand outs. she looked gorgeous in a casual understated look of skinny grey jeans, killer boots and a black body top, minimal make-up, which her beauty shown through. She would introduce each song with a personal message or emotion that she  has attached to that song, not only did she do all her past hits, all with a new AK twist, even adding in some much loved reggae beats. She also performed many tracks of her new album, The Element of Freedom 

Her band and backing singers I must also mention were also amazing on the night. image via RWD mag 

She seriously gave me shivers down my spine, many of the ladies in the audience were connecting with her and admiring her incredible voice while many of the men I think we admiring her in a very different way with heckles coming from the back when she took of her jacket, boys will be boys I suppose. 

excuse the awful filming! but this is part of the wonderful Interview with Trevor Nelson who opened the questions up to a few of the competition winner who had some great questions for Alicia. In this video she talks a bit about her inspiration for the new album and where the name The Element of Freedom came from. I agree with Trevor also when he mentions how this album really has a different sound ('global sound') to any of her previous albums, yet still equally as impressive.

Alicia Keys is so humble yet you have to admire her strength and passion for what she does. She is worthy of where she is today, she is a talented superstar who is not there just for the fame but is there because she loves what she does and i think that is a quality that is rare in this day and age. She is my idol and last night only confirmed to me more why I love her and it is a night i will never forget, i mean how could you!

I am truly appreciative of having the honour to even been given the chance by 1xtra to come and witness and be a part of such a special (& iconic) night. Thank you so much BBC 1xtra!

Make sure you tune into Trevor Nelson this Saturday (23rd) on BBC Radio 1 Xtra – Alicia Keys special 7.00pm-9.00pm bbc.co.uk/1xtra and catch the full session on Mon 7pm. Video online on Sat (look out for me dancing and singing away!)


Get Ya Bargains Here!

Have you been a bargin fashionasta in the good ol' January sales this year? 
To be honest I usually avoid most of the sales especially the January ones, too many crowds, tooo much mess, sales assistants have given up hope, never anything in your size and you get tempted into buying alot of things you don't actually need, how can u resist when it has £50 off! 

Been snowed in for what feels like a decade in itself so have no ventured into the highstreet for a while now, so pretty much been doing my window browsing on the internet (above are a few of my best picks). However web shopping has not come without its frustration as many sites will show these fantastic products- click on it... out of stock! it's like they are teasing you at least in the shop when its gone its gone, so you never see it to want it. 

I want to know have you managed to get a hold of any bargains! I guess key to sales is focus on classics that will last you along time or at least a few seasons, I brought myself some Bertie heels (pictured above) justified them as i struggle to find shoes to fit (in reality snow has stopped me strutting my stuff in them so still not worn), got a All Saints Tee not to dissimilar to the one pictured- loved the cut out back (still braved it in this cold!- I mean you can always layer), a digital print puff sleeve top from Oasis (looked better in the picture!) oh and some boring ol'  emilio cavallini tights from John Lewis (one fits one doesn't and I'm only 5ft1 how small did you need to be?). So didn't go too mad (this time)....  


Louis Vuitton to hire Tony Blair... (yes I know!)

If it's not bad enough that the Governments mess has made it near enough impossible for any fashion graduate to get a job, they are now taking them too!!
Politics and fashion is not one that is often associated with each other (other than Sarah Browns mild attempts) and if like me you will have to re-read this next statement several times...
Louis Vuitton to hire Tony Blair (Via The Telegraph, UK)
yes I know!! think it is actually more shocking than Ivana Trumps lips, well if it has quite sunk in I'll try my best to explain what the Telegraph details: 

Basically Tony Blair's palling up with French billionaire Bernard Arnault during his time as Prime Minister has really paid off (quite literally) apparently they are in discussions over his new advisory role with the luxury goods firm Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. Mr. Blair has not been suffering the doom of the recession thats for sure in fact he has not been without a job since he left office in 2007 and disparate  "advisory" positions have been believed to have earned him at least £15 million. So we won't be seeing Tony down our local job centre que anytime soon then, but hey Tony that nice sum of money would help out our desperate banks hey, but oh yes of course you got out of that one quick!
It seems Mr Arnault has been giving Tony his own hand outs and reportedly has made the Blair's quite comfortable, now, where to start:

  • Blairs sons Eaun and Nicky both got a luxurious internships courtesy of Arnault (not quite like the work experience we know) they had accomodation, bodyguards and a chauffeur-driven cars all provided for at a believed cost of at least £40,000 for Euan's two month internship. 
  • This may be mistaken for something out of The Hills but daughter Kathryn also benifited from Arnaults genoristy and was allowed to stay in his 20million pad in Paris during her time studying at The Sorbonne.
  • Not to forget the millionaires essential yatch, 'Amadeus', which played host to the family in the Med while they popped in to see the Pope in 2007 and it was there port of call (excuse the pun) for the duration of there stay while attending the  Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008

It leaves a bitter taste doesn't it, I mean what hope is there for the rest of us mere mortals! the privledged will always be able to lead their privileged lifestyle (with or without any style credential) but they cannot however exclaim that they ever got to were they are off their own merit, silver spoon and all! 


Emma Watson puts her best leg forward!

(image from the huffington post)

This made me smile seeing the new Burberry ad campaign! Not only does the misplaced leg (or is it just hid behind his?) look slightly off so is the same family portrait fact that she is posing with her brother. The Guardian saw it as " actually a bit weird", must admit you wouldn't usually see most of us posing that closely with our brothers but given a £million ad deal hey, why not! What's your thoughts? Enter the pole on the Huffington Post is it a photoshop blunder or is just very cleverly bent and obscured by her brothers leg? 

(image from WGSN twitpic

I think they look very alike, some families get all the looks! 


Girl Meets Dress

I’ve always loved the idea of these borrowing websites yet always remained dubious that it is one of those to good to be true factors. For a special occasion it always seemed a perfect idea to borrow a dress as on so many occasions I have splashed out on an expensive dress that gets stuck at the back of the wardrobe after one or two wears. Special occasion pieces test there limits of how many times you can wear it without people noticing it’s the same one worn as the last event. I don’t think I could ever justify buying a designer dress for just that reason (unless I was going to meet the Queen, which in itself is highly unlikely) and if I did I would want to wear it all day everyday, even to bed for it to pay for itself. Designer dresses are so alluring, pure quality and glamour, what girl does not want to feel amazing on a special night out or an event.
GIRL MEETS DRESS, reconciles such fashion conundrums perfectly with an array of designers available from quirky Marc Jacobs, to ultra feminine Temperley, to daring McQueen there is a perfect dress for everyone. Below are my favourite choices:

Worried about little catches to this, well fear not, I had a few of the same preconceptions which luckily the fantastic Website, put my mind at rest finding out that your are able to try up to 3 dresses for free (- Shipping fees), choose from over a 100 designers, Borrow from just £24 and keep for 2 or 7 nights and simply when your are done send back the garment in a prepaid package where they even take care of all the dry cleaning! Sounds Perfect!
My major concern is, night out, expensive dress, sounds like a receipt for distaster but Girl Meets Dress has this covered where you are able to now take out insurance for the dress at a meer £7! There all those worries out the way free to enjoy wearing your dress.

Now all I need to do is just find an event to go to.

Want to find out more and be tempted by more gorgeous beauties visit www.girlmeetsdress.com


V Magazine- Dakota Cover

Dakota Fanning V Magazine
Here’s a sneak peek at Dakota Fanning in the new issue of V Magazine.
Below are some highlights from her interview with the fashion mag.
On wearing a size zero: “Now that I’m getting older, I’m finally getting to the point where I can fit into those things.”
On her ’sexy, wild-child’ role in The Runaways: “I really enjoyed doing that subject matter for the first time in a biopic, because it really happened, it’s not just a made-up story about a 15-year-old running wild. It’s a true story of her evolution from good Valley Girl to bad rock ‘n roll princess:.
On her kiss with co-star Kristen Stewart: “It’s passionate, they were just as close as two could get.”
On drugs, mainly the cocaine, onset: “It’s actually crushed B vitamins. Kristen and I were, like, our hair is gonna grow a lot from these.”
Dakota’s cover of V Magazine hits stands on January 14.
I felt quite shocked when I read that she was happy to fitting into a size 0 (like that is aspiring) especially for such a young girl such as herself. Is she sending out a negative message?
I think she is an extremely talent child protégé and her new role in The Runaways will definitely set her apart from any of her other movies and i am looking forward to seeing it. She also looks amazing on the cover ( a slight Jean Shrimpton look?) however I think this picture below really accentuates her slender frame, what do you think?

@StellaMagazine RT Who knew you can watch the entire series of 'Fashion House' on 4oD... see Gareth Pugh before the fame

This is why I love Twitter! Although a highly addictive ‘social networking site’ which fills my time with pointless 140 character messages of nothing-ness it does sometimes however unearth some great gems, and Thanks to Stella Magazine this tweet was one of them!

StellaMagazine Who knew you can watch the entire series of 'Fashion House' on 4oD... see Gareth Pugh before the fame http://bit.ly/4GqZrb

And to my delight here was my reply…

@StellaMagazine RT 'Fashion House', yay! whenever I mention it people never seem to remember it. All i can say is that Bikini!

Fashion House was the ‘original project catwalk’, and whoah does it brings back memories! Firstly how I religiously used to watch every episode each weekend on T4 secondly being how it funnily got me initially intrigued and determined to follow that ‘passion for fashion’ and aim to study it at university. All I remember thinking is wow those people have an amazing opportunity and one day I want to be there in that position!

And an impact it did make on little me and I managed to dig out this piece of work I did while I was at school! This explains my remembrance of the Monogram-tastic bikini in the final episode by builder/fashion graduate Lee.

Apologies for the picture quality found it in my sketchbook as the fickle web had no images to be found of Fashion House anymore

sketchbooks collecting dust- belive it or not there is so much more!

Its enjoyable looking through old pieces of work, if like me you have stacks of it! Nice to see there is an actual development and progression happening throughout the years! And this piece is so cringe worthy, it made me chuckle at the naivety of my fashion knowledge back then, hence the major plastering of luxury brands all over this. If I member correctly this was only for my mock exam and therefore didn’t count, luckily!

Fashion house, when you watch back now seems so dated and I remember rushing in to school ready to have a good old gossip about the latest episode however I must have been alone as no-one I spoke to ever watched it! Which is like what happened while I was following my aspiring dream of fashion design stardom at Central Saint Martins I bumped into Lecturer David Kappo (the eccentric product manager in Fashion House), must admit I was a bit of a star-struck teenager, living outside of London you never bump into anyone who appears on TV!! Well no-one on the course knew what the hell I was on about when I was telling them our lecturer is on the show, too embarrassed and slightly worried I would scream out ‘OMG I love you on Fashion House’ I rightly decided to not ask him about it however was overwhelmed with joy when he told me he liked my design on the mannequin which I was getting pictured with. Alas he never saw the pining at the back holding it together and this was also the end of my designer hopes when I realized I’m hopeless at sewing!!

(If you don’t want me to plot spoil look away now) The stand out moments which I can recollect of Fashion House are how adorable Pippa was especially when David and her skipped down Rome’s pebbled streets and Gareth’s amazingly wacky and conceptual body stockings and massive bauble attire. It’s unfortunate to think that he never won the competition (they saw his designs as being to Avant-Garde) but he has now successfully made it in his own right. According to the ever reliable Wiki-P Pugh apparently referred to his stint on the show as "horrible" and his "only other option [to being on] the dole" .To be fair a year contract at Stella McCartney would of only held his creative flair back and thankfully now he is the shining star of British design talent!

I apologise this has been my first post in a while now but I felt Christmas was a time for a well-deserved rest and as I have been told by tutors enjoy this one while you can as when you get into year 3 you will not have one.

This is not to say I have not been working behind the scenes so to speak and have a few posts racked up ready to publish soon. X