"Glastonbury has the mud, but reading has the filth"- Ricky Wilson (Kasier Chiefs)

Kings of Leon were amazing last night- the crowd was electric although heard rumours from those at the front that they had a bit of a hissy fit swore at everyone, smashed up a gituar and threw it at the audience, but still love them!

Happy Birthday Florence! Florence and the Machine was good but had high expectations which I felt left me slightly disappointed, Loving her bright RED hair- could not be missed.

Think my favourites of the day have to been Jack Penate and Kasier Chiefs who both put on a great performance. Reading is totaly mental!!! I'm try take some pics later to really express the atmosphere and diversity of it all.

Rock- On

Happy Birthday Florence

Daily Top Tip: no. 6

Wash and Go Go

This is one of my personal top tips and that is to every now and then alternate between brands and types of shampoo and conditioners as this way you will get the best results from the product. After a while you hair become accustomed to one type therefore if you switch up now and then you will really notice the difference, shine, texture and protection are restored. Also I tend to save on the shampoo and buy a cheap alternative (Alberto Balsam do a great sweet smelling range at a bargain price usually around a £1!!) then splurge on conditioners or treatments below are some of my current recommendations.

L-R: ANDREW COLLINGE 1 MINUTE WONDER TUBE £4.20, JOHN FRIEDA SHEER BLONDE CONDITIONER MOISTURE PLATINUM £4.69, Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide Smoother £16.45, Paul Mitchell Original The Conditioner £16.45 and TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructor Conditioner £15.30


Daily Top Tip: no. 5

I know festival season is pretty much nearing an end and after my determination to go to at least one I'm heading off to Reading later today... but this website is 'Welly' good (sorry had to be done!) www.easywellies.co.uk - With brands such as:
Often with 50% off RRP... with free 24 hours delivery on all orders its easy (as the name implies) and simple. If your order before 4pm your wellies should arrive the next day! perfect for me who leaves these things to the last minute and you can avoid the slog around the shops. another site also worth checking out is www.wellywarehouse.co.uk not only does there welly blog give a full run down on all things welly related they also have many discounted brands such as Aigke, Barbour, Hunter, Joules, Laksen, Le Chameu. Muckboot, Musto, Ruby + ED, Tamara Henriques, Tayberry and wedge wellies also the 70% bargin bin is more than worth a look!


Innovators not Imitators

There has been alot of disscussion in the office recently about Rigby & Pellers plans to bring out a bullet bra. Doesn't quite fit with the archetypal RP customer on our minds, What do you think????

What Katie Did are a British company which specialise in faux vintage lingerie, corsets and seamed stockings. Founded in 1999 they are at the forefront of faux vintage design and are most famous for their often imitated bullet bra which was launched in 2004 (the first company in the UK to re-introduce the bullet bra). Made using original 1950's pattern they are as close as you can get to the original.

Check them out at www.whatkatiedid.com

Advice From Katie: Beware of expensive imitations: What Katie Did are innovators not imitators.

Daily Top Tip: no. 4

Sneaky Sneakers

Slack again I know...... sorry!

Well after all my festival wellie-finding drama (did not know there was so much choice!!) It made me think of this top tip.......

If your old (yet beloved) trainers/sneakers/ kicks what ever you may want to call them are looking worse for wear- In my case my converses were becoming slightly discoloured and for some reason were turning an off yellow shade on the toe caps well......

soloution, you could use cif like on the t.v ad's or like me saves all that scrubbing simply spray paint! mask off the areas and spray, touch up with a paint brush to make neater edges.
I'm no pro, i mean i have a long way to go to match these guys http://pimpmykicks.com/- they are just menta!

Always remember to stuff the inside with newspaper and its worth doing outside and covering a large area as spray paint tends to spread EVERYWHERE!


mmm suits you....

Similar theme to the adaptation of one dress, this exhibition Esquire's Singular Suit sees huge fashion, art and design forces come together to produce an amazing collaboration collection. The suit often a mans mundane work wear staple item has had a dramatic makeover by the 18 leading fashion designers and tailors whom in turn chose an admired artist of their choice to create a bespoke, one-off suit. The result is a combination of artistic skills and vision forming a contemporary array of of pieces, from the wearable to the outlandish.
All commissioned for Esquires September issue, Esquire editor Jeremy Langmead says:
“The designers and artists who took part in Esquire’s Singular Suit project have visually re-defined what the suit represents; the imagination and work involved is incredible. It’s extraordinary to see so many creative forces, from two of the world’s most influential mediums, presenting their work under one roof.”

Designs include an Aquascutum and Antony Gormley creation made entirely from metal plates and lead-filled trousers (pictured top) and a “naked” organza suit by Spencer Tunick and Richard James. Louis Vuitton designer Paul Helbers has teamed up with Christian Schoeler to fashion a heavy suit made entirely from a painted canvas, while Henry Holland has worked with Marc Jacobs’ tattooist, Scott Campbell, to create a leather mustard-coloured suit with tattoo-style markings of supermodels’ names on the sleeve. Norton & Sons and Turner Prize-winner Jeremy Deller have drawn inspiration from Winston Churchill by re-creating the prime minister’s “Siren Suit” — a trademark suit that Churchill designed for himself during the war, while a suit by Donatella Versace and light artist/designer James Clar has lightsabers bursting from the seams.

Intresting fact: The suits took three to six months to produce, and were shipped to London from all over the world. Some were held on suspicion by customs for weeks on end, while others had to be dismantled for the journey and then put back together again.

A compact exhibition (free admission!) in the beautiful surroundings of Somerset House, I luckily managed to take some sneaky inside pics. The layout with the mirror reflecting the suits give an interesting perspective but unfortunately in my case I was also met with a hot weathered reflection of myself the whole time also. As you meander through the mannaquins you are allowed to get quite up close and personal with the garments and admire the handywork.

Hugo Boss and Jan De Cock (right)

Dolce &
Gabbana and Ron Arad

You can see the collection on display at Somerset House (Terrace Rooms, Seamen’s Hall) from 31 July to 31 August so your have to be quick however if you do miss the chance don't be disheartened as from the beginning of September the exhibition will move, going on display in the menswear department of Harrods.

Not only is Somerset House the new home for the British Fashion council for this years London Fashion Week and Weekend there is also Nick Knights SHOWstudio Fashion Revolution running from the 17th September- 20th December which has to be another must- see!


You do the Maths?!

Just thought I'd give you a quick update on the uniform project that I'm currently in full support of and mentioned in a previous post. This is a fantastic eco/social/fund rasing/experiement in which Sheena Matheiken the creative brains behind the idea (pictured right) has set out that all contributions will go toward Akanksha’s School Project to fund uniforms and other educational expenses for children living in Indian slums. It bassically goes a bit like this:

well on day 110 they made the target of $10, 000 raised and now have sights set on the big 20K... I can't stress enough what a great project this is and you should all go check it out and help Sheena and the team reach there target figure.

There is also only 6 DAYS LEFT TO VOTE:
"The NAU Grant for Change will help us launch our non-profit foundation that will continue to bring you socially responsible creative projects such as the Uniform Project. Please cast your votes today– Rate our nomination by clicking here."


Oh mes jours!!

W-O-W.... i just see on fashion dreamers (and fellow blogger http://www.fashiondaydreams.blogspot.com/) twitter updates of Paris giveway so obviously i had to check it out!! and what a prize it is too.... 2 Eurostar tickets!! for those of you who know me you heard of my disappointment when the trip to Première Vision was cancelled. i have never been to Paris and was planning to go for my 21st but as i thought i may be going with my uni I decided to go to Valencia instead (see previous post). Fashion Dreamer hasn't made it easy by asking the indecisively tough question

"What would you do on your little break to Paris, if money were no object?"

A: Well where would i start...... First of all I would have to stay at the indulgent Ritz, of course in the prestige 'Coco Chanel suite' where i would suitably have to pay homange to the great lady herself and adorn myself in the finest Chanel tweed suit, with the acessories to boot a vintage chanel 2.55 and of course some half tint sunglasses to strut through the lobby like a celeb! Dinner at Relais Montmartre and then on to a show at the Moulin Rouge. By day we would search out all the little boutiques and vintage haunts with the boy and of course a personal shopper with a chauffeur. We would visit all the sites on a champagne tour of the Champs-Elysees, The Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the Trocadero, the Opera Garnier, the Invalides, the Concorde Square, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Vendome Square, Montmartre (Sacred Heart, the Place du Tertre), the Louvre,the Madeleine Church... maybe splash out on some priceless art to take back home and get some lavish gifts from Boucheron for f&f. If money was no object i'd arrange for a private tour of the Eiffel tower, romantic dinner and to be able to turn on the illuminations myself. A sunset cruise down The Seine would top it off with an on board party!! perfect..... well we can all dream

if you fancy yourself winning two tickets to Paris (I mean why would you not) go check out Fashion Daydreams and have ago at answering your own 'money no object' trip!



As you may know polaroid had ceased in making film for these handy portable cameras in June 2008- to all our dimay and love for these instant stark images I often wandered how the fashion industry especially would coupe without this instantaneous image makers. They are used widely from model casting, design, at catwalk events and numerous other times when opportunity quick photography is needed.

I remember when I got my first ever Polaroid camera and the excitement of waiting for the image to slowly develop in front of your eyes. blowing on it, waving it in the air, putting it under a lamp all with the impatience to just see the final image. It was the uncertainty of what it would produce i think that added to the novelty of the camera. I think Polaroid has to be the most fun way to take a photograph, digital is never as interesting and although you now get the instant digital display it is just not the same as holding the original printed image straightaway in your hand, knowing that this is a unique image that cannot get reproduced again!

Therefore it was great to see this flyer end up in my email-

Saved Polaroid Project
unfortunately I was unable to attend the event but i think its fantastic that U.O are teaming up with Impossible b.v. who's aim it is to re-invent and re-start production of analog INTEGRAL FILM for vintage Polaroid cameras... I just can't wait... so dust off your old Polaroid cameras or why not treat yourself to one of these fantastic new kits which will be avaliable soon (and if like me you want to know exactly when they will be avaliable sign up to the email alert)

Daily Top Tip: no. 3

Visit Urban outfitters online and you can re-vamp your desktop with quirky free downloadable wallpapers!.... Yes it's FREE!! so what you waiting for....

my current fav


Daily Top Tip: no. 2

This is an oldie but a goodie.... I recently have been converted to actually spend time rummaging charity shops and have recently found a few gems. To be fair I always heard of these amazing charity shop bargin finds however when i used to pop into the local ones i could not find a thing so therefore gave up! I was in Sheperds Bush the a few weeks ago and had time to spare so wandered round the market- they sell amazing buttons and fabric! (also if u ask nicely they give you odds and end pieces for free-learnt that from my student days round the area) well i stumbled across a little charity shop and for the first time began to see potential in alot of pieces. Well i brought this old lace top for about £3 with the mission to create it into a similar style of the ones i had saw earlier in Topshop for £28+

The Topshop version £28

& my £3 bargain version!
Sling back pumps- Topshop £18
Tights- Jonathan Aston from House of Fraser
distressed Jean Jacket- Zara (Spain) about €25

Fleece Tulip Skirt- American Apparel £27

So i got my scissors out carefully extracted the lining, cut it down off went the sleeves and wha-la there it was! so now i have the bug i want to do more.... so no mater how great your creation and sewing skills are (mine are poor) lets get on the mentality of 'MAKE DO AND MEND' - it is a stylish recession you know!

Daily Top Tip: no. 1


lready have not kept to my pledge of my daily top tips.... and therefore it leads to my first one.... Not to leave your laptop charger at work! well for me that is one i need to follow from now on!! i have done it twice, so i'm going to spoil you and give you a couple of personal top tips.


Press Release to Top Lingerie Blog

I'm was ecstatic when I saw that the Lingerie Post Blog had featured some of the new What Katie Did collection after I emailed them last week during my press work experience. I had done my first ever press release for the company so it was nice to know that it did the job so to speak. I was feeling slightly overwhealmed of taking the role in Head Office as Press officer as Clare who works in the London Boutique who currently deals with all the press has done fantasically well as of late with features in Look, Grazia and VOGUE!!! Most recently there Maitresse bullet bra can be just seen on British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in September's Esquire september issue magazine!!! Everday when i log onto the email there are hundreds of emails all from prestigious magazines, stylists and fashion assistants.... I see there name and i'm like wow I've heard of them they work for Elle they work for Vogue, it's simply amazing!!- i know i maybe seem slightly over excited but this is my first step into the crazy world of Fashion!

See below the post from the Lingerie Post Blog on the 15th August by by Mandolina

What Katie Did specialize in ‘faux vintage’ lingerie and corsetry inspired by designs from the 1940s and 1950s. The label is having a great year with prestigious new stockists including Liberty of London, the succesful launch of the What Katie Did Gold Label and huge sales successes of their Glamour shapewear range.

Here’s the scoop on What Katie Did’s Autumn/Winter ‘09 line!


Josephine What Katie DidFor A/W09 What Katie Did have produced a range of sophisticated sumptuous lingerie to relinquish and flatter every figure. Josephine is based around a striking cheetah print that was designed in house and is exclusive to What Katie Did. It’s enliberty ough to cause a case of jungle fever!

Josephine is available in cup sizes B to F, and dress sizes sizes 10-18. The range comprises an underwired bra, corselette, suspender belt and two styles of knicker. RRPs range from £15 to £65.


Release your Inner Showgirl with What Katie Did’s opulent range of Marie Antionette inspired corsets which combine serious shaping with decadent trims and frills. Spiral steel boning is used to shape, whilst the balconette bustline enhances and pushes up the breasts.

Showgirl corsets are available in reduced waist sizes 18” to 30”. Retail prices range from £175 to £189.50.

What Katie Did Showgirl Corsets


Lulu is a 1950s style lingerie set made from black powermesh with black lace over red satin panels. The orginal range was launched in AW06 and this season we’ve revamped it adding a corselette, girdle, underwired bra and thong to the range. Lulu is available in cup sizes B to F, dress sizes 10 to 18. The bullet bra, suspender belt and knickers are available now with the remaining items being launched in early September 2009.

What Katie Did Lulu

This fall sees What Katie Did celebrate 10 years of lingerie design and a book featuring a retrospective of their work is due to be published in September. We’ll obviously be keeping you posted.

Like a sale? Check out WhatKatieDid.com, they’re having one!