London Independent Photography 22nd Annual Exhibition

Photograph by Mark Mitchell

Although I hate to post about something that has past, but sometimes little gems which you perchance to stumble across are just that worthy of sharing.  I managed to catch The London Independent Photography 22nd Annual Exhibition on it's very last day of showing at the Strand Gallery.  Beautifully displayed in an open and airy space across two floors, it was a pleasure of an afternoon browsing along all the selected photographers work. 

London Independent Photography was founded 21 years ago by Janet Hall and Virginia Khuri under the inspiration of the workshops organized by Paul Hill at the Photographers Place. They decided to set up a 
a community whereby other like-minded photographers could get together and be able to share and support one another in development of expressive photographical approaches.  

An organisation representing the amateur and professional photographers a-like they now have more than 500 members. Every year all members are encouraged to sumbit there work to be considered for the LIP annual group show in London. Each year they have a pannel of impartial selectors to view submissions and choose what work will be in the show. Here are a few of the cream of the crop shown below: 

Photograph by: Astrid Schulz

Photography by Judith Jones 

Judith Jones series of photographs 'Poundbury' were immideatiely drawing and intriguing, the simple nature of the subject of focus almost makes looking at these ordinary illuminated houses have almost a doll's house quality to them. Find out the Artist intentions and inspiration about these images here, it really is a thought-provoking concept.  

Photography by Clare Park

See more exceptional images from the LIP members here. To become a member for a mere £20 a year in the UK which will allow you a platform to showcase with the opportunity to sumbit your work for the Annual exhibition as well as other benefits, take a look at the LIP website for more details.  


BNTM Live 2010


On 24th October I headed over to Excel which was hosting the first ever Britain's next top model Live. Similar to the clothes show in content; they have the usual stalls, stage, celebrity guests, model scouts,  and a huge production catwalk show.

Luckily I got hold of a free ticket off Elleuk.com and my main reason for attending was for my uni research, although surprisingly I had quite a good day so therefore I cannot knock it.

So as you can see above and below I managed to see Eliza Doolittle perform on stage, she has the most amazing natural and soulful voice, wearing a Mark Fast red dress, it was amusing to see all the young girls and boys pretty much mob her at the end to give her a hug, and it was humbling to see her being so receptive and welcoming to her fans.

Above is Hairdresser Michael Barnes who has been in the industry since 1972 so around 38years. He mentioned he started his career by chance as he was working on the Kings Road in the 70's which was quite the happening area and bumped in Manolo Blanik whom encouraged him to be creative. Michael see's hairdressing as an art form. He was providing demonstrations of up-do's on his daughter Katie.

Do you remmember the salon? oh how I used to love that programme and I must admit I really loved Adee!

The Main catwalk show was as I expected... it was a production on a massive scale... the dancers were absolutely phenomenal, I truly don't know how they do so many shows a day. The essence of BNTM live is obviously the t.v show Britain's next top model, ironic because I don't even have sky so I only ever see when it gets demoted 3 seasons later to terrestrial t.v. So when all the models came strutting on I wasn't entirely sure who they all were, apart from the winner Tiffany.  

The dancers would put on various interlude performances in-between each catwalk presentation, which overall rounded it into a performance show. However from a fashion point of view the clothing had no cohesiveness about them and were just purely used for something for the models to wear. It was all very much the same dancers would come on and steal the show while models strutted down the catwalk.

If I remmenber rightly when I went to the clothes show with my friends when I was back in school the big production number was the bit we loved the most, and thought it was incrideable. especially with these being the first catwalk shows I had ever seen. Oh yes and how could I forget the obligatory swimsuit/shirtless section which has all the teenage girls screaming there heads off (I should know I was one of them very girls back then, taking close up pics of all the male models I could, oh the shame).

Jesse James performing her heart out on stage. 

BNTM winner Tiffany in a gold reflective dress.

Sam Greenberg vintage clothing is available at Topman, Oxford Circus and at the boutique just off Carnby Street in Kingly Court. It has more of urban 80's/90's retro vibe to their hand picked clothing.   

The Global Cool lounge is a unique initiative to, 'turn the style up but turn the heat down'. So instead of whacking up the heat on these wintry days how about putting on a jumper! saves heat, saves money, saves the environment. They had a great stall whereby you could pay a £5 for a vintage jumper and then customise to your hearts content with the help of on hand stylists and advisors.  

Gemma Cairney stylist/1xtra radio presenter was also there to promote the cause, see the videos online here. 


Here are some of the stylish shoppers who where at BNTM Live.

Can anyone help solve this handbag mystery? This is a unusual 40's handbag, however this coat of arms clasp is an unusual feature for a purse of this period as typically women would not have there own coat of arms. we assume it is W.I related, but if anyone could shed any light on this vintage find it wold be much appreciated.... please do get in touch or leave a comment.