Canon: The Essence of London Fashion Week

When I started this blog during the summer it was for the intention of posting up various uni projects as an online showcase however it has transformed slowly into a more personal place a digital diary or journal where I can express my thoughts and feelings and share with others what i find truly inspirational or interesting. Therefore when I first received an email as a result of my blog from the lovely people at 1000 heads outlining details of the planned Canon fashion week event inviting myself to join with them must admit had a reserved scepticism, thinking this must too good to be true.... and indeed in a surreal sense it was (had to continue to keep pinching myself)!

I Jumped at this opportunity as I knew this one not to be missed, it sounded amazing the initiative that was Canon Camera Buzz and the plan was for day 2 of Fashion week where I would have the chance to get up close and personal with Canon staff and equipment, although not a technically great photographer I do love to give it a try and already have a Canon SLR which is fantastically sharp and precise so I was excited to try some of there other products and at Fashion Week... well what a bonus!

Photo of a photo- Camilla joining in with our camera happy snapping

So on the Day i rushed over a sunny Waterloo bridge from doing Blow Presents and met the gorgeous Camilla from a 1000 heads with two lovely fellow bloggers Sophie of Trendspiration and Elle of Oh Elle (Check there amazing blogs put mine to shame!) Off we went for a pre 3 course lunch in the plush restaurant within Somerset house where we was joined by the amazing (invaluable) photography expert David Newton who helped us master the techniques while we indulged with several glasses of wine.

Above: The best risotto I have ever had the meal was just luxuriously delicious

heading into the CPS area we had more on hands on tuition with David who preps us so we could explore all that fashion week has to offer and capture the best possible shots which we felt expressed 'The Essence of London Fashion Week'.
L-R: Me (in the grey jacket with the carnation, sorry personal joke), Elle, Sophie and Tech God David

Below: Getting to grips with the cameras

We had Catwalk seats for the Ashish show at 5.30 and adrenaline and the excitement was building!! (please see my all that glitters post for details of the catwalk and exclusive photos of the show!) To top off an already perfect day we went for a couple of cocktails in Covent Garden.... I owe many Thanks to all the Team at 1000 heads, Canon for allowing me the privilege to work with such professional equipment, Camilla for the fantastic hospitality on the day, David for his patience and expert tuition and for having fantastic company with my new found blogger friends Sophie and Elle- You all made the day so special, one i will never forget, it was lovely to meet you all x

Here are Just some photo highlights of the day including the exhibitions, celebrities and some street style shots of attendees:

We met the stunning Jameela Jamil from T4 who was so friendly and sweet, we spoke about her new found fame and how she is finding everyone rushing to take her photo, she admitted it is kind of strange and that she felt very self conscious of spots (trust me there was none!). She is absolutely stunning in person and mentioned she had just had a dress named after her by one of her favourite designer labels LP.BG. She was also a fan of supporting the great British high street and was wearing irregular choice shoes (see close ups in above post). Jameela also shed some light on that age old argument over who is hotter Steve Jones or Rick Edwards she backed Ricks corner exclaiming how gorgeous he is!

Above: Canon VIP area- Where Joan Collins no less caught up with the team the day before explaining her love of Canon Cameras and her hobby of photography.

Below: Camilla practices her model walk helping us set up our cameras ready for the Ashish Catwalk

VV Brown being photographed before she take her front row seat at the Ashish show which afterwards she told us how much she loved it and wanted every piece!

Model off duty

The Fashion pack Que

House of Holland- Aggy on the T.V. screen

Delicate Mark Fast Knitwear

Janet Reger

The Quirky Susie Bubble

See more photos and info of the day at 1000 heads Word of Mouth blog

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  1. I LOVELOVE LOVELOVE LOVE this post!! What an amazing day it was! There are too many pictures of me! Was so nice to meet you.xxxxxxxxxxxx


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