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Balmania- Who wore it best?? (Shakira and Pink)

C'mon ladies how many times has this dilemma happened to us, We turn up to a fancy do or party dressed to the nines in our brand new cocktail dress and low and behold we clock the girl across the room in the exact same assemble.... arrgh! Some of us may rush home an immediately change at the sight of it- What a major fashion faux par! or others may embrace it and possibly borrow a friends scarf to use as a quirky belt to set yourselves apart . Every weekly magazine today has the celebrities dreaded 'who wore it best' column, (must admit they are humanising and slightly satisfyingly interesting viewing) but that apart rarely is it that two stars are pictured in the same outfit at the same event!
I remember seeing the Topshop NY MTV documentary with 'style icon' Kate Moss exclaiming that every one has worn the shops dresses already and researchers were sent off to ensure the chosen outfit was not to be worn by anyone else (as usually she wears vintarge as she called it), the extents such A-Listers go to I am surprised that at such high profile events this occurs but Balmain has been a firm favourite amongst them all.

But hats off to Shakira and Pink who didn't duck and dive and make sure they were not pictured together instead they laughed and joked in front of the camera when the similarity was realised, nice to see a celebrity being able to laugh at themselves and there predicament.

ha ha i have a dress just like that

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  1. They handled it well, I would have died! Shakira is my winner, she matches Balmain's super sexy aesthetic well with those thigh high boots, whereas Pink looks a bit ordinary


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