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The lovely Lisa at The Sassy minx recently did a blog post including detail of the What Katie Did a/w 09 Lingerie range (josephine below- grrrrougeous!) And check out the fantastic interview with the delightful Katie (yes there is actually a Katie behind the What Katie Did). I'm planing to have a little Q&A session with the lady herself also so if there is anything you would like to know or have any burning questions please let me know and i'll put them to her!

Here is the blog post from the sassy minx- check out there Über glamourous retro site www.sassyminx.com


I am doing star-jumps of joy (in my undies, natch) as I scored a li’l face time with the queen of faux vintage lingerie and hoisery, Miss Katie Halford, the tres fabu lady behind What Katie Did.

Not only is the prettilicious What Katie Did collection available online, www.whatkatiedid.com, it can be purchased at their flagship boutique in the heart of London’s Portobello Road – damn, it’s a pretty shop! It’s like a really old fashioned corsetorium where you’ll be fitted correctly and advised by knowledgeable staff – if, like us, you’re totes retro-hearted and love, love, love pretty lingerie go visit – tell ‘em Sassy Minx sent you!

Describe the lady behind the label in 5 words?
determined, stubborn, fair, glamorous, reserved

What is it you do exactly, Katie?
I’m the designer for What Katie Did lingerie but as we’re a small company that covers lots of areas from paying the wages to keeping the website up to date. People don’t realise exactly how small we are as we’re always getting cv’s from people wanting to work in our ‘press department’ or as part of our ‘design team’. 50% of the job is quite mundane and boring (when we get bigger I’ll get someone else to do the boring stuff!) and there never seems to be enough time to focus on the ‘fun’ elements – but I guess that applies to most jobs.

Away from work I have a 4 year old daughter and live with my boyfriend Richard (who also works for What Katie Did). As well as being into vintage fashion we’re also into vintage decor and cars.

When did you discover you had an awesome talent for designing bee-you-tiful things?
I became a designer out of necessity. We started by retailing other labels and when a couple of them closed and I couldn’t find alternatives then I didn’t have much choice! To begin with our designs were simply re-creations of vintage pieces and we spent a few years working on a good range of basics. It’s only in the last couple of years that I’ve had the opportunity to design new items from scratch. It’s been a steep learning curve and often the most difficult thing is explaining the image in my head!


What’s your most favourite thing that you’ve created?
My favourite item for the last 6 months is the Harlow underwired bra. It’s not the showiest of our products, but it is the one I wear most often. It’s made from a sheer peach tulle so combines innocence with sauciness which is always a good combination! Funnily enough, my favourite thing isn’t actually wearing it, but watching it dry hanging up by the window as it’s perfectly finished both inside and out whilst being nearly transaparent so it looks beautiful hanging where light can catch it.

Can you share a li’l bit about your creative process please, Katie?

I don’t have a specific design time so as soon as a collection is complete then I start looking for inspiration for the next one. Inspiration might come from books and magazines, fashion exhibitions or films, both vintage and modern. Quite often one of our factories will come up with a swatch of fabric or an idea that starts the ball rolling.

A month or so down the line I’ll have a vague idea in my head what I’d like to do. It’s then that I have to think about fabrics, trims and costings. At What Katie Did we try to keep things affordable whilst ensuring that our products are made ethically so often we have to compromise on a fabric or trim.

It’s often only at the end, once everything’s been photographed when I look back and realise where the inspiration came from (an example is this year’s Showgirl corset range which was influenced by Sophia Coppola’s imagery in her Marie Antoinette film).

What do you love about being a woman in the world?

I love being able to have it all (although it is bloody hard work!) Women’s lives have changed unrecognisably over the last 100 years and there are still areas that women are under-represented I really feel that it is up to women themselves to take control of their lives and careers.

What’s your secret to success?
Hard work and determination. I’m a good all-rounder but not particularly talented in any area which is good for running a small business. Often fashion businesses have a super talented designer who has no business-sense at all and although I always used to admire such people I’ve watched them come and go so am happy being normal!


Who are your style icons and inspir-o girls?
Vintage style inspirations include Louise Brooks, Bettie Page, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe & Bridget Bardot. Modern day inspirations include Madonna (both her style and her business sense), Lady Gaga and Dita Von Teese. For fashion inspiration I’m pretty obsessed with the Christian Dior Decade (1947 to 1957).

What are your five-must have life items?
red lipstick, red wine, a good book, family and love.

Who and what makes you jump in the air happy?
The simplest things, driving on a summer’s day in an open top car, heavy frost on a winter’s morning. It’s normally something to do with nature, and a feeling that springs on you unexpectedly.

What’s your motto for life?

Just do it! People always seem to be waiting for the right moment – but there is never a right moment.

The WKDN Sassy List…What’s your favourite:

Website/blog: twitter.com as your friends point you to anything interesting

Book: Pretty Things by Liz Goldwyn

Must-have beauty item: Besame lipstick in Besame red

Movie: Some Like It Hot

Shop: Liberty of London

City: London

Hangout: my back garden on Sunday afternoons

What does the term Sassy Minx mean to you, Miss Katy?

Sassy Minx describes me and my team (13 girls and only 1 boy) perfectly. Modern women who live their lives to the full and aren’t scared of taking chances.

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