My Inspiration

My Gran and my Uncle when he was very young

Today I was summoned to attempt to restore some (very) old family photos for other family members to have as they are very limited in our family. I LOVE reminiscing and looking over photos and these b&w examples are just beautiful, the exposure and effects of old photography is so enchanting and looking at the fashions of the day is even more compelling. Digital photography of today does not bring character or charm that old photos do they have a certain innocence of those photographed.

Although I sadly never got to meet my Gran (my Mum's Mum) She is so endearing and inspiring to me and these valuable photos show just how beautiful and fashionable she was. I am so grateful that these photos have survived as my gran died when my mum was very young so they are precious to all the family.

Great Aunty Elise's Wedding- (Her glasses are fabolous!)

My Gran and Grandads wedding

Below: A late colour photograph of my Great Gran (left edited, right original)

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