Blow PR Internship

So this was my first fashion week and I was anxious and excited on what it may entail, especially working one. I knew it would be manic however I was still not prepared to how intense it is!

I was overjoyed that I was able to join the Blow PR team as one of the 20 or so interns where I started with the mail out of the invitations (oh my feet!!!) scouring the streets of London, A-Z in one hand, Invitations and plasters in the other (I have found a new respect for the postmen of London who daily tackle the puzzling London house numbering and challenging letter boxes or in some cases lack of them!)

Blow PR are great for cultivating fresh design talent and have mainline clients under their wing such as Aminaka Wilmont, Avsh Alom Gur, Basso & Brooke, Bernard Chandran, Manish Arora & Bora Aksu to name but a few.
Left: Blow PR Interns

Really got to experience a good chunk of fashion week as I worked shows in On/Off at the strand, Blow Presents (extrodinary show with the likes of Gemma Slack, Ioannis D, Iris Van Herpen and Lina Osterman with creative workshops for the kids- feathers glue paint everywhere!) at the Festival Hall and last but not least Vauxhall Fashion Scout at the Freemasons Hall.

Right: Is my Blow Badge

If I learnt only a few essential lessons
(buy comfortable shoes, wear cool/breathable clothes buy more black!)
2. not to wear my badge to and from the shows
as many peole would comment and shout Hi Zara, that's not
really your name oh it's like the shop and worse of all actually
popping into the shop so many questions were asked by those who
thought I worked there. Unfortunatly I don't actually know what items
are in stock although that would be a bonus!

below: Some Invations to various Blow PR lfw shows

Setting out the seating at the Bernard Chandran catwalk show on Friday at On/Off
Beautiful assorted animal lanterns with candle and stick, flowers by Melissa Riva (which I luckily took one home) with Blow Press release, credits list, What magazine and a Fash Week favourite perrier water.

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  1. BLOW Presents was an incredible show... Le Mindu's hair sculptures blew us all away. They added a very different, although still exuberant, kind of femininity. Very impressed with the young Swede Lina Osterman as well! http://www.jotta.com/magazine/outabout/350/blow-presents#big_image


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