Put Your Best Foot Forward

So as i mentioned before the brief was to capture the essence of Fashion Week. So we did a quick ideas swap at the meal and came up with a few words to describe Fashion Week; Electric, Eccentric, Exciting, Extravagant and Buzzing. What One word would use to describe LFW?

With Camera in hand off I went to snap what I believe truly expressed LFW in all it's glory. Street style has become a massive phenomena especially with the rise of fashion blogs, Somerset house courtyard was brimming with photographers and those in front of the camera displaying their fantastic assembles. I must admit I have a serious shoe fetish and it is the first thing I notice when I meet someone. I think the choice of shoes can really say alot about the person and often they have worked their outfit purely around the footwear. I was instantly drawn to these lovely beauties below.


Both Acne (above and below)

Can you believe these are Topshop lovelies

Rupert Sanderson- Apparently the most comfortable shoes in the world according to the wearer

Fringed sandals from Browns

display of shoes in the lobby area (told off for taking a picture whoops)

Atalanta Weller

Named as Elle's One to watch whose shoes 'will blow your mind'. She has designed shoes for the likes of Gareth Pugh and Sinha- Stanic and her s/s 2010 collection is a 'exciting dilution of her startling concepts that will guarantee to make her name' (extracts from Elle oct 09 issue)

Jill Sander gorgeous pink sling-back sandals and customised Nike high tops.

Gorgeous Bright Ashish Wedge ankle boots- Were originally destined for the Ashish Topshop Range however were never released... I don't know why they are amazing!

Ashish Backstage; Models lining up for run- through in towering gold wedges


  1. What a brilliant post hun! Love all the shoe piccies. I'm sure the top pair are Marni though? I'm still so jel that you girls went backstage when I wasn't with you!! But then again I'm glad you did because I was searching for a close up of the Ashish runway shoes. My my they are as spectacular as I'd hoped :)

  2. You kno what hun u could be right... I'm sure she told me Armani but i could of heard that wrong i guess.... any which way they are still so lustful!

  3. oh god, I die!

    so many incredible pairs of shoes.. I would kill for a pair of Acnes; you have a great eye!

  4. Oh I love to photograph people's shoes - the added bonus is you can kind of (almost) do it without them noticing. Although at one presentation I photographed a lady's shoes and just as I clicked the camera she saw me and walked off in a kind of 'f*** you, I never said you could photograph my shoes' way. It took me by surprise, I mean, it's fashion week, everyone takes pics of everything don't they?


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