Girl Meets Dress

I’ve always loved the idea of these borrowing websites yet always remained dubious that it is one of those to good to be true factors. For a special occasion it always seemed a perfect idea to borrow a dress as on so many occasions I have splashed out on an expensive dress that gets stuck at the back of the wardrobe after one or two wears. Special occasion pieces test there limits of how many times you can wear it without people noticing it’s the same one worn as the last event. I don’t think I could ever justify buying a designer dress for just that reason (unless I was going to meet the Queen, which in itself is highly unlikely) and if I did I would want to wear it all day everyday, even to bed for it to pay for itself. Designer dresses are so alluring, pure quality and glamour, what girl does not want to feel amazing on a special night out or an event.
GIRL MEETS DRESS, reconciles such fashion conundrums perfectly with an array of designers available from quirky Marc Jacobs, to ultra feminine Temperley, to daring McQueen there is a perfect dress for everyone. Below are my favourite choices:

Worried about little catches to this, well fear not, I had a few of the same preconceptions which luckily the fantastic Website, put my mind at rest finding out that your are able to try up to 3 dresses for free (- Shipping fees), choose from over a 100 designers, Borrow from just £24 and keep for 2 or 7 nights and simply when your are done send back the garment in a prepaid package where they even take care of all the dry cleaning! Sounds Perfect!
My major concern is, night out, expensive dress, sounds like a receipt for distaster but Girl Meets Dress has this covered where you are able to now take out insurance for the dress at a meer £7! There all those worries out the way free to enjoy wearing your dress.

Now all I need to do is just find an event to go to.

Want to find out more and be tempted by more gorgeous beauties visit www.girlmeetsdress.com

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