Get Ya Bargains Here!

Have you been a bargin fashionasta in the good ol' January sales this year? 
To be honest I usually avoid most of the sales especially the January ones, too many crowds, tooo much mess, sales assistants have given up hope, never anything in your size and you get tempted into buying alot of things you don't actually need, how can u resist when it has £50 off! 

Been snowed in for what feels like a decade in itself so have no ventured into the highstreet for a while now, so pretty much been doing my window browsing on the internet (above are a few of my best picks). However web shopping has not come without its frustration as many sites will show these fantastic products- click on it... out of stock! it's like they are teasing you at least in the shop when its gone its gone, so you never see it to want it. 

I want to know have you managed to get a hold of any bargains! I guess key to sales is focus on classics that will last you along time or at least a few seasons, I brought myself some Bertie heels (pictured above) justified them as i struggle to find shoes to fit (in reality snow has stopped me strutting my stuff in them so still not worn), got a All Saints Tee not to dissimilar to the one pictured- loved the cut out back (still braved it in this cold!- I mean you can always layer), a digital print puff sleeve top from Oasis (looked better in the picture!) oh and some boring ol'  emilio cavallini tights from John Lewis (one fits one doesn't and I'm only 5ft1 how small did you need to be?). So didn't go too mad (this time)....  

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