My friend in the 2012 London Olympian

As some of you may be a little aware... my good friend of many, many years is competing in the 2012 London Olympics and I am beyond excited (can you tell?). I have been telling just about everyone... strangers on buses, trains and planes, people at work, hairdressers, postmen, people I meet at events, anyone who puts 2012 into a sentence I am proudly piping up that my friend is in "THE OLYMPICS".

Putting it just in a sentence is making me brew up with complete happiness. Katie Skelton has not only been an amazing friend but she is also an amazing role-model, she has dedicated near to a decade (if not more) to her passion of Synchronised Swimming. Her dedication and aspiration of her sport is truly awe inspiring. It puts my ‘drop out’ attitude to my early years of gymnastics and trampolinng club to shame.

Family and Friends show their support at Katie's pre-Olympic games send off! 

She has come an unbelievably long way with her sport and she has only had the determination to succeed and reach her goal. From school days Katie would Swim before school and after school and her schedule was so hectic – we always laughed that teachers would remark that she was nearly falling asleep in the dullest lessons, but boy could you blame her!

Trained at Reading Royals, which is, where I first saw her perform at their annual Christmas gala – she was absolutely incredible then so I know she will just blow my mind when I see her perform in the Olympic Aquatic centre.  ­

Katie at an awards ceremony with GB Synchro team mate Jenna Randall.

She has competed at European and World Championships and now is set to compete at her ultimate goal the London 2012 Olympics tomorrow on the greatest stage on earth. I literally cannot wait to cheer her and the GB girls on in the team technical event wave my Great Britain flag and experience a moment to cherish forever!

Words really don’t do it justice to express how pleased I am of all that she has achieved, she had to make big decisions to train for 4 years straight for the Olympics which meant 10 hour days Mon-Sat dedicating her life to her art form. She has been completely self motivated and watch her grow on her continuous journey has been truly magical.  

Team GB!

Looking back to primary school when we thought we “mapped” out our life – tragically we would marry Michael Owen & David Beckham live in a large houses we cut out from the property bit of the paper and would have a big families – yet who knew that it would end up 15 years later with myself going to watch her at the Olympic Games – beyond our wildest dreams!

Some of the Team GB girls in the Olympic Village with Bradley Wiggins 

Kitted out: Adidas Take The Stage

Team GB Synchro with Sir Chris Hoy prior to the Opening Ceremony 

How to get on TV at the Olympic Ceremony? - stand next to Tom Daley of course!

Featuring on the front cover of Stylist Magazine and a Olympic stars editorial in Fabulous magazine (to name but a few) team GB have been paramount in raising the profile of Synchro in this country and it is only set to continue.

Google Doodle Synchronised Swimmers

The Duet – Jenna randall and Olivia federici just showcased to the world their massive improvement by being the first to qualify for the finals in over 20 years and came an impressive and noteworthy 9th a great achievement from their 14th position at Beijing so watch out Rio team GB have arrived!

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Cheer them on! August 9th and 10th at 3pm - Aquatic Centre. Available online and on the red button - watch your be mesmerised!  

To find out more about Synchronised Swimming and where you can take part in this wonderful sport please see: British Swimming

Please Note: These are personal snapshots and come from various sources. Please do not re-print or use without prior permission thank you. 

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