Innovators not Imitators

There has been alot of disscussion in the office recently about Rigby & Pellers plans to bring out a bullet bra. Doesn't quite fit with the archetypal RP customer on our minds, What do you think????

What Katie Did are a British company which specialise in faux vintage lingerie, corsets and seamed stockings. Founded in 1999 they are at the forefront of faux vintage design and are most famous for their often imitated bullet bra which was launched in 2004 (the first company in the UK to re-introduce the bullet bra). Made using original 1950's pattern they are as close as you can get to the original.

Check them out at www.whatkatiedid.com

Advice From Katie: Beware of expensive imitations: What Katie Did are innovators not imitators.

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