Daily Top Tip: no. 4

Sneaky Sneakers

Slack again I know...... sorry!

Well after all my festival wellie-finding drama (did not know there was so much choice!!) It made me think of this top tip.......

If your old (yet beloved) trainers/sneakers/ kicks what ever you may want to call them are looking worse for wear- In my case my converses were becoming slightly discoloured and for some reason were turning an off yellow shade on the toe caps well......

soloution, you could use cif like on the t.v ad's or like me saves all that scrubbing simply spray paint! mask off the areas and spray, touch up with a paint brush to make neater edges.
I'm no pro, i mean i have a long way to go to match these guys http://pimpmykicks.com/- they are just menta!

Always remember to stuff the inside with newspaper and its worth doing outside and covering a large area as spray paint tends to spread EVERYWHERE!

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  1. Great tip, I have always wanted to spray my Cons silver but... am way too lazy ;)



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