On the Fifth day of Christmas my true love sent to me...

FIVEPOINT Etre gloves

I am glad the tech wizards at Etre noticed this problem too iphone/ipad/ipod (or any other touch screen products for that matter) do not mix with winter! I find myself endlessly and frustratingly trying to tap on my phone screen without having to take my leather gloves off... every-time I forget that they do not work, and end up always with cold hands.

These fivepoint gloves however put an end to all that palaver, allowing you to check your all important emails even in sub-minus temperatures. Available in Oxford Blue and Grey but soon to be coming out in more styles these gloves are a great unisex Christmas gift option... I sure will be asking santa for some this year!  

The perfect solution

Fivepoint gloves are available from the online store (Etre Shop) and other select stockists. For £24.99 GBP (That's about $39.54 USD or €29.85 EUR).

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