LFW- S/S 2011 Double Whammy

Didn't really do Fashion Week per se this season... was completely worn out and ill and was thankful for the weekend rest to be honest. That said I did attend a few bits and pieces and went along with the Editor of Volt to see Hannah Marshall. The LFW site had, had a bit or re-jig which we all had a good moan about in the ever increasing meandering que. 

We were lucky enough to have a double whammy of Felder & Felder followed by Hannah Marshall.  

Rock Chic indeed, after managing to hold onto the press release for nearly a week I have now lost it typically, but Felder & Felder was back to true form, sexy biker chick and if I remember rightly the models walked out to Coco Sumners version of Born to be wiiiiiiild!

Quite 80's, quite Madannona, figure hugging dresses such as 'the amber dress' which open the show (would love to know if this was named after the synonymous Amber Rose, who was there and she was spreading across lfw like wildfire) F&F had a Slightly more feminine vibe with torn tutu's and splashings of vibrant colour mixed in with there tough leathers and black killer dresses.

The front row was pretty impressive: the unbelievably talented Rankin (who I am in total awe of), the stunningly elegant Erin O'connor, Paloma Faith, Gemma Cairney of 1xtra fame, Shingai of The Noisettes and of course Coco Sumner.

Not sure if this completely revolutionary but Rankin's film interlude between the shows was sensuous inspiring and built the setting for the opening for Hannah Marshall's collection perfectly. I thought the video showed Rankin at his best and captured the unbelievable female form, in a innocently dark motion.  I do believe this is setting the precedence and fashion film will indeed be used far more in future catwalk productions. 

see a snippet below or watch in full at Rankin.co.uk 

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