‘Excuse me, so sorry to bother you, but do you know where Machine-A is?’ we ask politely, peering inquisitively into a both beautiful and quirky boutique, admiring the top hats as lampshades that droop down over the lady’s desk. She stands up to point us up Berwick Street in the right direction, ‘Machine-A is the one with the really interesting windows and the very cool customers’ she explains to us. Turned out to be an accurate description as we soon stumble across the thriving crowds of people, spilling onto the West End street.

Having encountered some rather bizarre characters (not in a good or positive way), our adventurous journey to the store was finally rewarded by being greeted by much more fantastical and unusual characters, however this time it was most definitely in a positive way. The fashion pack had come out in storm with an eclectic mix of styles, the atmosphere was buzzing, with everyone in a party zone thanks to DJ Nova Dando thumping out the soundtrack for the evening.

Substantial amount of support was shown to Dominic Jones (hat-trick winner of the BFC’s NewGen prize may we just add!) and his new collaboration/commission for concept store Machine-A. Jones, who is probably more commonly known for his highly regarded jewellery line with friend/business partner Alice Dellal, has approached this collaboration from a different angle. Sure, his jewellery and fiercely restrictive leather garments were hanging on most of the walls, yet the impressive talking point was his inventive window instillation.  Rotating flora framed in an oversized kaleidoscopic disco ball of mirrors may sound slightly disjointed, but is all part of his deep love for the work of the World Land Trust, which protects and preserves some of the worlds most beautiful and endangered environments. As natural forms inspires Dominic’s spectrum of work, from his silver and gold animal teeth to claws jutting off rings and neck pieces, it is no surprise that his t-shirt design captures a scene of almost a volcanic spirit. With a meandering marbled triangle of exotic plants and trees, the tees not only create awareness for the charitable cause of the international World Land Trust but also commemorates WLT’s 21st year of fighting for conservation of endangered habitats across the globe, including those of the Atlantic Rainforests of Northern Argentina.

The Dominic Jones limited edition t-shirt is available exclusively from the Machine-A store, with a whopping 50% of all proceeds from t-shirt sales going to the World Land Trust. The t-shirt retails at £50.00.

Text & Images by moi. Original Post can be viewed on Volt Cafe 

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