The First Reading Vintage Fair

Reading's Vintage scene is well and truly flourishing, from vintage boutiques to vintage fashion fairs ... there is no better news than for my beloved hometown to finally provide an alternative fashion, (not to mention ethical and nostalgic also) to break up the cloned hightreet scattered with all the usual chain stores which are slowly eradicating any town or city individual personality... but to put a change to all that is the first Reading Vintage Fashion Fair, held at the formidable Purple Turtle Bar

After the previously planned December fair was cancelled due to the 'adverse weather conditions', I was overjoyed to see that this was not a plan that had just been snowed under and infact the fair was set to go ahead in the new year on 30th Jan.... and of course I had to turn up to show my support, and well maybe to do a little shopping... 

There was a handful of stalls from: Reworked for Oxfam, Georgina's Vintage and Betsy & Sue Vintage to name a few. with this being the first fair to take place the plans are to expand and have more stalls at the next monthly installment. 

Vintage picks that were on offer ranged from 40's right up to 80's/90's offerings. Although mostly retro bits it is worth attending to see what you can discover as the last Sunday of every month the purple turtle will be openings it doors once again to the Vintage purveyors. 

A really successful event in my eyes with the marraging of a live music and vintage treats, luckily the crowds came out in force to support the first Vintage event for Reading.   

 I picked up a few rings from Betsy & Sue Vintage and this bargain cotton shirt from Georgina's Vintage, inspired from this tear from this month's Elle (below) I'm planning on teaming the shirt with a few other tonal pieces and a tied ribbon neck bow for spring look... when the sun arrives that is.


  1. looks awesome! [still can't believe it's in the purple turtle of all places] am gutted i missed it

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  3. Thanks for the comment Daisy ...They are currently planning February's, end of the month Fair, so def worth following Betsy & Sue Vintage on Facebook for updates x


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