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What to do when you can't sleep?... well I write reams and reams of 'To do lists'...Just finished a couple of mine, quite therapeutic to get that all off your mind and jot it down on what needs to be done. I am a real 'put-it-off-er' when it comes to those slightly boring and tedious tasks such as sorting out the accumulation of various things, filing bills etc. I like to believe writing my lists will help me aim to get all these jobs done and dusted in no time- keep me focused and most importantly remember to do them at all! 
No.3 on my list is to aim to blog more- I have so many possible posts lined up either stored on my laptop yet never quite making it to being published or those whizzing around ideas in my head- I pledge I will get these up on here soon, so keep an eye out. Thanks again for all your support and wonderful comments and emails I have received lately. I love to hear from you all and it pushes me to keep on top of it all and keep going... glad you are enjoying my ramblings as much as I enjoy doing them. Again any suggestions, advice or general questions all more than welcome... 
Be back soon (promise!) 

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