Kirsty Draper - Big things to come...

Ok maybe only a slightly bit biased here, but I only can see amazing things ahead for Miss Draper. She recently showcased her Graduate Collection at Earls Court along with the rest Epsom's finest young designers. whom I am sure have painstakingly worked hours on end to produce their debut collections and there hard-work truly paid off with a amazing show, which drew in the crowds (que around the block) and gained the admiration of the press, including the Legendary Hilary Alexander

Kirsty had amazing support from all her family and friends on the night (see below) and there was an enormous uproar when her name was suddenly projected up onto the wall and her first model came striding out. I am not her only friend singing her praises, all the girls in the car on the way down, eagerly anticipating seeing her graduate collection agreed that Kirsty is not one of those people to let an opportunity pass her by. Showing at Graduate Fashion Week was never off her radar and her final collection was solid  contemporary interpretation on recycling- but in a classy, wearable and ultimately desirable way.  

"Kirsty Draper used strategically-placed circular, garter-style drawstrings to create unusual volume and silhouette in her primary-coloured collection." - Hilary Alexander (couldn't put it better myself Hilary) 

In full Support: Friends and Family celebrate with Kirsty after the show. 

The back on this jumpsuit is amazing!

Although I would hate to dispute my amazing photography skills, you can see Kirsty's full collection (official photographs) here.

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