Highlighting some of UCA Epsom's finest talent is my ultimate pleasure... blown away by the ridiculously high standard of FPI's recent graduates I am proud to be apart of such a great alumni.

Elise Augustin is one particular student who has shone throughout the degree for her passion and determination in everything she has set her mind to. Being on the parallel pathway of imaging it is always very exciting to explore what artistic projects the imaging students have been working on.

Elise Final Major Project was developed with giving graduates like ourselves in mind, providing them with a physical a virtual platform to showcase their work. Tactile Technology space operates as a counlunstancy studio; where creatives can work and express their ideas.    

"Tactile Technology demonstrates a new dimension in fashion space utilising the skills of model making, set design, film, photography and new media design solutions, we aim to showcase and cultivate the creativity from different disciplines." 

For this project Elise Augustin of Tactile Technology chose to put her ideas in motion to present textile and embroidery designer Burcu Kilic work entitled "A Beautiful Improshment" in the form of a producing a fashion space, which will reflect the aesthetics and notions of Kilic's line but also produced a fashion film which can then be used for promotion. 

The space as hinted at would be interchangeable, versatile and  indeed tactile with the exhibition maze reconfigured each day to add to the element of ambiguity and surprise, offering the viewer a new experience each time.  

The concept itself is imaginably perfect for young creatives which I know would all love for Elise's vision to one day become reality.

But for now I want to give Elise her own dedicated space (well a blog post) and showcase her incredible talent.... not only has Elise been recognised for her work and nominated for the prestigious Graduate Fashion Week, Hammerson fashion innovation award 2011 but the Judges including Henry Holland and representatives from Adidas and Future Laboratory also agreed her project has substance and panache shortlisting Elise to the Final Three. Congratulations Elise, you should be immensely proud of all that you have achieved.... you have a bright future ahead of you, and apologies in advance for all the possible graduates that will be bitting on your heels to produce the Tactile Technology space.

Please see more information on Tactile Technology and Elise Augustin at: cargocollective.com/eliseaugustin 

Tactile Technology at GFW 2011

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