Gwan is a fresh new fashion Zine produced by talent photography/ styling duo, Sophie Sabados and Lauren Brown. Gwan is like no other think the youth representation of Skins but fused with the vision of Noel Clark...

Gwan can be defined as a congratulatory term, an expression used by young people to show encouragement, admiration and approval for one another. It is an attitude. An approach to life and style that can’t go unnoticed.

Gwan is a pictorial zine that focuses  on the spectacle of today’s youth in all its glory. While others follow we make up our own rules, finding inspiration in the vibrancy and energy of city living youth. We don’t allude to high fashion, instead  embracing  spontanaeity, experimentation and doing  everything to the max.

Behind the Gwan zine is two girls who have grown up in and around London during the nineties and noughties. We have drawn on our own experiences in the making of Gwan, leading us to recollect and take a look back at what made us who we are… Now we invite you to do the same!

Sophia Sabados & Lauren Brown
The talented ladies behind this project Sophia & Lauren (left), have as they rightly should, attracted a huge amount of interest and intrigue in their large print photography zine. Business cards emptied out features on Vice and Volt Cafe, shortlisted for Lifetime IT Media & Design Award at Graduate Fashion Week... and winning it! For this unstoppable duo this is surely only the start in their illustrious creative careers... 

The girls picked up their award at the London Graduate Fashion Week final Gala show: 

"It's a great feeling to know that the blood, swear and tears that we put into this project has been been recognised by some of the top people in the fashion industry - It makes it all worth it" - Lauren Brown

"Gwan actually looks like it was put together by women with brains, who recognize the 21st century for the fun ride it is. It's a hurricane of fresh air." - Vice

See the full zine in all it's online digital glory here: however I must say to view it in the physical print version will truly blow you away.  Congrats Ladies!

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    WOW love this blog, I found it b y searching for myself on google lol... i'm not gonna lie.. haha... Sarah Gwan. I am a graphic designer and a fashion designer with a clothing company which I would love for you to possibly even make a feature post about? let me know if your interested.
    my links are:


    Talk to you soon!

    Sarah Gwan


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