Happy Halloween

As it was Halloween... I thought I would show you my halloween get up for the evenings celebrations... no one at the party really got where I took my inspiration from... don't particularly blame them as to be honest it was a poor last minute costume attempt... but yes I was based on Tim walkers- Tim Burton's Halloween series he shot for Harpers Bazzaar back in 2009... can you not tell? oh dear!

The day after the night before, I probably looked even more frightful but I decided I would make my way over to Chelsea where Frock Me Vintage Fair was taking place. With my head left somewhere else I forgot my camera so only could take a few phone snaps, which proved even that I was not allowed to do. 

This was my first time to a Frock Me event and it was overwhelmingly large, packed to the brim with vintage pieces. I would say that it was time consuming looking and hard to pick out key bits. I also found the atmosphere quite stuffy and uptight. The Vintage tearoom staff were run off there feet unable to cope even when it was nearing the end of the day, which was a shame as the afternoon tea experience is to add to the overall day out there. Personally I was disappointed with this fair, not sure if it was just happened to be the day I attended, because I have had close friends tell me that frock me tends to hold alot of great vintage, maybe I will try it out again... although I think I will prefer to hold out for some of the other great London fairs to spend my pennies at.

Halloween themed stall.

The main hall

my devilishly wicked pumpkin cupcake in the Vintage Tearoom.

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