You find something new everyday... Frock & Roll

Literally just came across this great Vintage store called Frock & Roll in no less than my humble ol' hometown. I cannot believe I have only just discovered it as it is only just 10 mins down the road. Funny how sometime you miss things that are right on your doorstep. Really Intrigued and excited to go and see the shop as soon as I can... of course I will post when I do. 

Reading doesn't really have any Vintage shops, there once was one, Rockaround which I found when I was younger to only go back a week later ready to pick up some amazing pieces and found it was closed down :-( since then we have not had any in Reading, which was a real shame. 

So I am ecstatic that Reading may actually slowly be moving with the tiimes. And from this impressive photoshoot below the store looks pretty good from here... can't wait to go and have a good rummage.    


Frock & Roll
        www.frockandroll.com - 111 Watlington Street, Reading, West Berkshire - 07800 022 359
        Opening hours Wed 10am - 6pm, Thurs & Fri 10am - 7pm, Sat 9am-7pm & Sun 11am- 5pm

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