VOLT not by Conventional Standards: Introducing VOLT CAFÉ

VOLT the famously oversized and unbound fashion biannual does not follow the conventional rules, so welcome to the new interactive VOLT CAFÉ, which is an extension of the magazine online. It's not a blog and not merely a mag website but is an immediate online platform which showcases new talent, artists and designers as soon as they happen, while remaining equally focused on recognized brands (what VOLT does best!) 

VOLT CAFÉ I warn you is seriously addictive already spent my morning neglecting the washing-up mesmerized by the elegant and seductive mini-films in VOLT TV. See some of the amazing editorials in the recent  7th issue come to life, such as the 'World Party' shoot displaying the desirable new adidas Originals A.039 Spring/Summer 2010 collection.  

This beauty editorial - The Treasure Nest is just beautiful, I urge you all to check it out
Photography James Brown and Styling by Ella Dror, what a fantastic combination.

This is the issue 7 revised cover version of VOLT by knitwear designer extraordinaire Craig Lawerence. 
These are a series part of a unique concoction between VOLT, F.TAPE and Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED launched at London A.W 2010 Fashion Week.  
Young British designers who took to recreating the iconic covers included Hannah Marshall, Craig Lawerence, Holly Fulton, Katie Eary, Dean Quinn, Fred Butler, Manjit Deu and Gemma Slack. They had all previously been displayed in exhibition at the Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED cafe  to all then recently auctioned off in a specialised online sale to raise funds for young designers... only wish I was lucky enough to have got hold of one of these amazing one-off artworks.

Photographer Rui Faria
Customised by Holly Fulton

Photographer Benjamin Lennox
Customised by Fred Butler

Photographer Roger Deckker
Customised by Gemma Slack

You can download these an many more exclusive VOLT and F.TAPE art pieces in postcard format via the CRYSTALLIZED website.

VOLT CAFÉ  www.voltcafe.com

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