The Politics of Fashion

So we are all a bit over indulged with the constant coverage of the run-up to the election and do we say thankfully it's here and I guess in a way it's all over (or the beginning however you wish to view it). So no looking back now the votes are in and they are being counted, please do not call in now or you may be charged... pardon my mistake it has been rather X Factor like with all this leader pleas­ and pledges (often begging for votes) the live T.V debates where they must give a performance of a lifetime or face the prospect of being chucked out (and in Gordon's case he has to fight to the bitter end). 

Well I do hope everyone used there right to vote, I know I did but it has got me thinking, perhaps in a selfish way but then again I guess politics all effects us individually. However I have been looking at the prospects of what ever future party is in will have on the Fashion industry (well hey I am in it I guess) I would like to think that studying for a Fashion Degree that the British Industry will only benefit and prosper. In the current sphere the focus of leaders wives has been propelled especially with on their much deliberated fashion choices.  

Image Via Vogue UK 

It all started off with the ultra 'classy' and sophisticated look of Michelle Obama which captured the attention of the world along with the world fashion press, she was the on the cover of Vogue with the anchor "The First Lady The World's Been Waiting For". Choosing Designers such as Jason Wu, Thakoon and even J crew. 

As always Britain often tries to follow suit and the British press have turned their attention to our own party leaders wives style credentials. With Sarah Brown (currently) in the hot seat you cannot deny the effect she, herself has had on British Fashion especially her involvement in the past two London Fashion Weeks. The Guardian even stated in Sep 2009 "How London fashion got its groove back — with a little help from Sarah Brown". Brown apparently help swoop London back firmly onto the fashion map as it was slowly began slipping off the radar. The BFC secured our prime talent of Christopher Bailey and Matthew Williamson persuading them to come back home. Brown also hosted a well-to-do fashionable dinner for the Fash elite, where she wore her own privately purchased (she does not accept freebies) Erdem dress and confimed that the government will provide finical backing for the industry. Finally getting the country on par with our european counter parts who have historically always had fanstic support from their retrospective governments. She supports british designers (Erdem, Osman and Issa) which is refreshing as many of our British celbs will often move onto the larger design houses offers very quickly. 

Image R>L: Sarah in Erdem via The Telegraph and in Osman Yousefzada at Elle Syle awards via The Mirror  and Sarah Brown and Naomi Campbell welling it up at Glastonbury promoting the white ribbon alliance via The Daily Mail 

Her white ribbon alliance with her and naomi cambell getting friendly and putting their high profiles to a well respected and worth while charity, which is not only admirable but says alot about her character. She recently also suggested while on the GMTV sofa with her husband that there would be a possibility of them both entering into charitable campaigns and support when the politics game is all over. 

So to me losing the power of Sarah Brown by Gordon's side in this election would be a devestating blow to UK Fashion. Would other Parties still continue with this positive impact and good work?

To remain slightly impartial although completely speculative, we could see Sam Cam follow suit as I mean she is involved in Fashion herself with her position as creative director at Symthson. So maybe if the tories do edge it in, we would hope that she would protect and push for her own industry so to speak. Her style has not gone un-noticed either and I must say slightly jealous of her wardrobe which I would never believe I would hear myself say of a party leaders wife. She is often found hob-nobing at swanky london do's with the likes of Christopher Bailey so she may already be having quite talks for next Fashion week, you never know! 

So which ever way the vote goes lets hope there is a positive step and the leaders wives in-fact continue to play an important and crucial role, not only as great female representatives but as supports of the fantastic and I must say underrated British Fashion Industry. 

Samantha Cameron in Erdem with the incredibly talented man, (Sir...give it time) Christopher Bailey 


  1. This is going to sound ever so pathetic, but when Brown resigned, all I could think about was what was going to happen to UK Fashion, I hope SamCam can carry on Mrs Brown's good work.

  2. Politic is all about what affects you as individuals in society so no wonder we both immediately thought to what is going to happen to UK Fashion... fingers crossed that Sam Cam does step up-to-the mark!


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