It’s all in the name- Denham

Denham, as Izumi from the Painted Lady explained to me is a high quality Japanese denim brand, and last night I headed over with the team from the salon to the new store opening launch in Shoreditch.

Aesthetically the store is absolutely beautiful, clean lines, strong branding throughout including the charming scissor clothes hooks.  

Denim aficionados indeed, the store holds some of the most amazing utility and denim pieces I must say have ever seen. I was informed that one particular pair of jeans had been made up uniquely of 300 different individual pieces all by hand.  The quality of the garments are represented in the shall we say hefty yet respectable price tag. However you cannot argue that these are all investment pieces, denim and utility-luxe is integral part to every wardrobe and these are classic pieces that transcend most short lived trends. The integrity of this brand is humbling as they stick true to traditional ‘jeanmaker’ processes and each item has it’s own personality stitched into every seam.

Every garment has a unisex appeal to it and although there is separate womenswear and menswear collection the cross over is blurred and each piece lends itself to be able to be independently styled.  The Autumn Winter Collection is inspired by Dockland workers at Rotterdam Harbours and equally historic ports and harbours in the UK and the US. It is this notion that docks are the entrances to receiving items from all over the world, this is where Denham’s philosophy to source Japanese denim, British Millerian trench coat fabric and genuine Dutch surplus wear are all added into the mix to produce this distinctive collection.

Nothing is as it first seems with Denham, as they quite rightly say ‘The truth is in the detail”. 

32 Charlotte Road, London, EC2A 3PB
The new space in East London is spread over 4 floors and houses a store, 2 showrooms and office space for the UK based team reflecting the exact same drive and integrity as the headquarters in Amsterdam.
32 Charlotte Road, London, EC2A 3PB 

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