Ok... so i felt guilty to leave it on a limb like that, so instead I'm going to fill you in what it is exactly I'm stressing so much about.
Basically our brief was:

To create a trends package branded within a trend prediction consultancy. As a team project, we have to confirm four complete key trends of socio-cultural relevance impacting on fashion trends for 2012.

so... Here we have our trend consultancy Agency, Volume II (www.vol2.co.uk) named volume II on the premise that volume I is 'now' (present time) and as a predictions agency we are looking ahead, the next chapter so to speak, therefore we are Volume II. This here is our logo and part of our branding, it would be great to get some feedback on this... We are currently working on our website and should hopefully be live in a few days but in the mean time why not check out our twitter page and follow us & our updates to get a sneak peak at our trends for 2012.

below are some of my original/ draft ideas for some possible 2012 trends:

Could the Apocalyptic theme be a continuing trend? (please not these were done in early Oct)

Reversal was the idea that Post Olympic population growth that London city living will adopt a NY lifestyle. This board however was combined with another trend which makes it slightly confusing- Salvage, the idea that items would have multiple identities and transform

These however are not part of our final trends package as we moved into consumer trends, please check the website from 1st Dec (when hopefully it should be live) or checkout our twitter to keep updated

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  1. Wow, this sounds mega interesting, better than anything my lecturers chucked at me. Love your trent predition, it looks a little Rick Owens, a little Alex Wang :)


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