Stylish Reading Vintage Fair Shoppers

Now who says that Reading doesn't have flare, style and panache? These stylish and very lovely shoppers all attended the 2nd Reading Vintage Fair...

Vintage-trade Mother's & Daughters 

Mother's and daughters connected to the vintage scene L.R: Betsy & Lola Mother duo, Jill Barron & daughter of http://www.butterflygirlvintage.com/ and Georgina and Mum supplying endless support for her daughters vintage venture http://www.georginasvintage.com/
As you may be aware the Mother & Daughter vintage shopper has been a strong running theme throughout my project and watch this space for details of an event I am planning with strong links to Mum and daughter, or indeed vintage shoppers. 

Some More lovely Mother and Daughter(s) and even a very young gran and granddaughter at the end (right). 

Vintage is loved by many and is often a family affair, you often will see three generations of vintage shoppers, which is lovely to see families spending time together and sharing in their passions.  

Stylish Print Individuals 
From L>R: Gorgeous Anna from Betsyand SueVintage, Stylish twin no.1,  The Lovely Ali from Frock&Roll, Sarah from Dolly and the Clothespegs, and an expert individual clashing prints to the max.

Vintage Shopping duo’s 
How fabulous are these pairings L>R: Natty Dressers Vintage, Chalston Jive duo Hilda Davidson, Jeweller & friend, immaculately dressed friends and the vintage twins.   

Above: The vintage shoppers, from early teens to young professionals these vintage shoppers style stand out from the crowd.... how incredible does the lady far right look with her amazing pink hued hair and Vivienne Westwood patent red bag.

Last but by no means least… The Stylish Indivduals
From L.R: Two vintage shoppers, The Butterfly girl herself wearing a hello kitty necklace from spitalfields and playing dress-up with a vintage cap and Mustache kit. Vintage stall holder and the 'lady in red' Heather from Betty's Boutique


  1. great photos- am gutted i couldn't make it. is that Kat from Rock N' Roll Bride i spy?

  2. Love these images, there's a real mix of people, love the little girls style, her tasche is awesome :) x

  3. Thanks guys.

    @Daisy I am rubbish with remembering names but it may well be the Kat you know. thanks for your comment.

    @Ashes the little girl was so lovely, she does drama so thought the mustache kit which had one for everyday of the week would be perfect for her drama classes. x

  4. Wow so many great inspirational styles. Thanks for posting this mammoth post, my favourite is the girl with the tash x


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