Welcome to the wonderful world of Margiela

What can I say Somerset House has delivered yet again! Firstly with the intelligent and interactive ShowStudio installment (which brought online sensation to life)! To now an equally if yet a more  impressive and thouhtful exhibtion, Maison Martin Margiela '20' (which literally brings the embodiment of the brand to life). 

This new recognisied fashion and arts hub is continuing to trump the last and has continuingly impressed me with what it has to offer. If transforming itself into the home of LFW for the last few seasons is not enough the attractive location fills our needs inbetween our fashion week fixes with show stoppers like these. 

Maison Martin Margiela '20'.... I really do not even know where to start and I am sure I cannot justifiably do the content any justice by struggling to string sentences together to describe or even attempt to review this thought-provoking treasure trove. 

If the outside is anything to go by, with what I first thought of as 'poorly' trees all bandaged up, you get a sense that your now entering Margiela's world, no looking back (trust me your be in there for hours!) your now apart of it and one you will never want to leave. 

The curration of this retrospective display is the best I have ever seen, second to none. See I did warn that putting my thoughts into words in regards of this event may seem idiosyncratic. As I wandered round initially deciding I was going slowly mad scanning across the pages of the paper guide (make sure if you go to pick one up!) Looking up then looking back down and thinking no this is not a 'viscose dress of which the hemline has been lifted and stitched to the shoulder, slip dress with lace trim made of vintage slips'.... penny drops... of course this would not be chronological, this is an illusionist dream being showcased. Nothing is how it appears, as it seems or previously assumed... expect the unexpected!      

The space is transformed in the vision of Margiela via Bob Veherherst, a close acquaintance. All characteristics and brand ethos is projected into the space, detail from every corner to everywall to even the trompe l'oeil wall plug. 

I left riddled with guilt that had not previously invested enough intrerst into this remarkable fashion house, infused with incredible history and undeniably ground-breaking talent. Sure I knew of Margiela stand out member of the Antwerp 6 collective but I didn't really know Maison Martin Margiela as I do now, I feel well and truly introduced. 

If you have not already got the jist, I could not reccomend this exhibition more. I believe everyone should take an afternoon out and indulge in this beautiful universe, I take no responsiblity if you never want to return to the mundane world outside ever again. 

To find out more visit Somerset House online or have a look at more concise and professional run-down at Volt Cafe.

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