Through the London Key Hole

I have a bit of a nosey streak when it comes to peoples homes and exploring there interiors. Therefore I absolutely loved flicking through the beautiful images of the pages of this superb book, (right).

I think London Style is indeed the most intriguing with a mass of creative individuals living door-to-door and the interiors of their homes reflect their individual personalities  (especially Matthew Williamson's Home in Hampstead below). A Home is a retreat, a sanctuary where people surround themselves with precious items, I think the design and interior of the home is another extended perspective of who lives there.
West London I think suits my style and taste best and It is my dream one day to live in a beautiful Georgian house in W10/11 with a gorgeous interior similar to the ones below, French boudoir furniture with distressed chic! And Fireplaces oh how I would love to have a fireplace in my bedroom! well we can all dream can't we...

New London Style (Hardcover)

Chloe Grimshaw (Author), Ingrid Rasmussen (Author)

Thames & Hudson

New London Style takes a fresh look into the private dwellings of the most exciting young creative talents in the city, from the music, fashion, design and art worlds. This new London style takes many forms, but above all it expresses a creative sensibility against the backdrop of the ever-changing environment of one of the worlds most exciting cities. The 28 houses in the book are loosely arranged by location, in the grooviest, on-the-edge neighbourhoods fromWhitechapel to Notting Hill, Camberwell to Clerkenwell and reflect the cosmopolitan melting pot that influences the citys design trends.Whether in a mews house, derelict pub, or even a church, this new wave of lively Londoners is injecting funkiness and bright ideas into a range of highly individualistic and inspirational interiors.

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